3 Best Secret behind Every Successful Blogger

The era of blogging continues, as thousands of individual jump into the blogosphere for making money sake. Before I get started with today’s stroll, I would love to share a breif experience of a friend of mine, who is quite a famous and rich blogger now.
Five years back, a very close friend of mine had always wished to become a very rich and known blogger, but as of then, he moved with a low mind set which is blogging for money. Actually, his mediocrity was quite enormous and he then jumped into blogging and runned his blog for months without any beneficial knowledge of blogging. After some months, he had noticed that he had not benefited anything from blogging; instead, he wasted more of his live savings for blogging. This very close friend of mine crushed in the blogosphere for about six times still he picked courage though he had made nothing blogging and continued blogging till he makes it by all means, and what I loved most in this guy, was that, he never gave up, always picking courage.
On the long run, he discovered the secret behind every successful blogger, popular and outstanding bloggers that is getting lots of goddies, blogging.
From this brief experience of my friend, you would noticed that he directed his mind set like that of a mediocre, instead of taking blogging as a passion, he saw it as an open market for online business.
There is a fact that you should pick from this little experience of my friend, which is, never go into a business for money’s sake, instead, you grow a passion for that business, in other to grow authority and also become successful in such business.
I know that, there are so many bloggers out there, with such low mind set like that of my friend whan he started years back, bet me, with 3 best secret behind every successful blogger, which I would be breifing you on, you would become a successful blogger, as long as you abide with them.


1. Relate with co-bloggers:

This is actually the first role that every blogger should play, towards becoming very successful in the blogosphere. Most newbie bloggers do lack the mind set towards relating to their collegues, and that is the reason they don’t succed in their blogging carrier. Having created a good time relationship between co-bloggers and pro-bloggers, then you would get to expand your knowledge in the blogosphere with a well determined mind set.
Another fact behind relationship is that, you should also draw-out your line of relationship to your readers, once you’ve your readers engaged successfully, and then you would achieve more courage towards becoming a very successful blogger in the blogosphere.
I made a write up on the 4 surefire ways to engage your blog readers, please; it would be beneficial if you’d go through it.

2. Be a good writer:

This is another good secret towards being a successful blogger. It’s always said that content is the king in the blogosphere, so being a good writer is of big advantage towards making you a very famous blogger in the blogosphere.

Take note that, being a good writer is not just all about writing long articles, it’s about knowing the kind of articles that your visitors needs from you and perfecting such article to their understanding. The mistake most bloggers make nowadays is, writing articles for bots instead of their readers, which is not quite a good stand. Remember that good article writing for your readers is also a way towards engaging your blog readers.


3. Hosting of Giveaway contest:

If you ask me, I would say that hosting giveaway contest on your blog is shortest means towards being a famous blogger in the blogosphere.

Giveaway contest has become a great secret in which so many pro-bloggers do abide with, because with giveaway contest, you stand the chance of attracting every bit of your visitors, and that is also a big way to rank your authority in the blogosphere. So, I advice you should try get some little package you can afford, and host a giveaway contest on your blog, then watch the magic of being very famous in the blogosphere.

Conclusively, I would say that with this brief tips explained above, you would stand a good chance of being a famous and successful blogger in the blogosphere.

I formulated this rule, chiboy’s rule of blogging which states that, ‘In every blogging community, Relationship is the God, Content is the King and SE0 is the queen. You can also get to know the top 10 Google SE0 tips to follow in 2014. If you don’t know much about blogging, or you’d want to join the blogosphere, get started here.

Over to you

If you’re a newbie blogger that just read through this article, try to abide with those top tips mentioned above. As for the pro-bloggers in the house, I would love to hear from you, so share your top blogging secrets with us.


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