Best Android Apps for Couples to Try on this Valentine’s Day


If you plan to make this Valentine’s Day special for your special one, here are some apps that might help you set the mood for the day and express your love and affection.

Here the top five apps that all couples must try at least once on this Valentine’s Day:

Between: Private couples app

Have you ever wanted to share your perfect moments to recall them afterwards? Here is the perfect app for this purpose. Between lets a couple share pictures of their precious moments together which are displayed on the timeline shared by the two people. As the description says, it is fast, and more importantly, it is safe. Not only does it help to revitalize your love; it also works as a bond between those who have a long-distance relationship.

It comes with a shared calendar that holds important dates such as anniversaries, birthdays, and other significant days which leaves no chance to forget any special event. Its privacy settings allow users to set a password to keep pictures safe, in case their phone is lost or stolen. Event box will load you with ideas to spice up the charm of your relationship. With Between, you can never stay apart from your loved one. You can download this app from Google Play Store or click here.

Truth or Dare

A perfect game for couples to try. The app eliminates the struggle of coming up with different and innovative ideas. You can simply choose from hundreds of pre-loaded questions for truth based, and miscellaneous tasks to perform in dare. Not only this, players have the option to add their own questions and tasks to get things more interesting. You can play clean by toggling off the Adult mode. Download the app now from Android app store.


Tired of watching chick flicks? Charades is a game that might bring some spice in your life. With the variety of tasks, such as acting, sketching, singing or even dancing. Your partner has to guess the correct answer before time runs out. This app builds understanding and connection between players. It has over 45 theme decks to select from and over 400 gameplay cards which come from different categories such as movies, characters, animals, accents and impressions, fairy tales, literature, food, and brands. Get this app from the Google Store for free and let the fun begin.

Lovedays: D-Day for couples

Do you wish to keep track of how long you have been in love with your soul mate? Or how much time has passed since you watched your first movie together? LoveDays app is a D-Day counter for couples who love to keep track of time they spend together and remind them of their upcoming special events. The couple profile feature allows you to put your lover’s picture on the wallpaper screen. In addition to this, it has three different sizes of widgets, with customization available for color and font sizes. The app is available for download on Google Play Store.


Well, if you still don’t have any partner to make good memories with, here is the app to get you one. Tinder, as its own description says, is “one of the most popular dating apps” existing today. It is a free app that helps users find the right person to spend time or life with. It is said to have paired around nine billion matches till now. It allows users to select, who they think, is a potential person to date and swipe right on his/her profile which lets them exchange messages. What’s best about the app is that it authenticates the ID through Facebook, so it can display mutual friends and interests which makes for a good start on a first date. Give it a try by downloading it from Google Play Store.

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