Best Notebooks For Meal Planning

Best Notebooks For Meal Planning
Best Notebooks For Meal Planning
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10 Notebooks That Will Actually Make You Want to Meal Plan

Why meal plan on a piece of scrap paper or a sticky note? Sure, you probably already have those scattered around the house, but these not-so-expensive notebooks and pads might actually inspire you to stop talking about meal planning and actually do it.

Here are the best notebooks for meal planning. Choose those that suites you and buy :)

  1. I Have No Idea What to Eat Pad: This pad tells it like it is — and has plenty of space to help you change the story.
  2. Chambray Notebook: Simple and pretty, this notebook’s cover is also water resistant, which mean it’s tough enough to handle planning right in the middle of the kitchen.
  3. Polka Dot Journal: Stuff your coupons into the pages of this notebook and the elastic band can help keep them in place while the whole thing is stashed in your purse.
  4. Tapestry Notebook: With 130 ruled pages and a lay-flat binding, you can plan your heart out in this colorful beauty.
  5. Pineapple Pattern Notes: Personalize this cover with your initials and then order it in whatever style notebook (a spiral-bound? A weekly planner? Monthly?) is best for you.
  6. Creative Everyday Slate Journal: This notebook might just inspire you to try a new recipe (or three).
  7. Stick-Up Weekly Calendar: Sticky notes and a calendar in one! You can post this pad on the fridge and use it to plan for the week.
  8. Printable Meal Planner: Order this downloadable file and you can print it as many times as you need. Sure beats your own (crooked) hand-drawn lines, right?
  9. Navy + Aqua Slim Criss-Cross Notebook: Slim and colorful, this notebook will fit in your purse — and you’ll always be able to spot it, no matter how much junk is floating around in there.
  10. Meal Planning Pad: Each sheet in this magnetic meal planning pad includes a perforated shopping list, which you can tear off and take to the store.

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