7 Simple Ways to Convert Visitors Into Customers

Simple Ways to Convert Visitors Into Customers - website conversion rate
Simple Ways to Convert Visitors Into Customers

It’s hard enough to attract new visitors to your website, trying to convert those visitors into customers is a whole different story. It can be challenging to convince your visitors to like and trust you enough to actually pay you for your product or services, but it’s actually not as difficult as you think. The main key is building a connection with your visitors through valuable content and positive interactions. It doesn’t matter what you’re trying to accomplish with your website, these 7 simple ways to convert visitors into customers will revolutionize your marketing strategy.

7 Simple Ways to Convert Visitors Into Customers

Simple Ways to Convert Visitors Into Customers - website conversion rate
Simple Ways to Convert Visitors Into Customers
  1. Case Studies

A lot of websites focus on explaining why they think they’re the best solution to the problem or why they have the best service. They use their own words, and while that definitely has a time and place, it’s never as powerful as using your customers own words. Think of it this way, case studies show how you actually were able to help someone. Your visitors likely are experiencing the same problem, and your case studies prove you’re the best solution.

2. Highlight Your Past Clients

While it might not always be appropriate to list out everyone you’ve ever worked with or every company that uses your product, showcasing well-known companies you’ve worked with is a sure way to establish yourself as an authority. If you were able to help a well-known business, you can definitely help them.

3. Facebook Ads

Facebook ad’s have come a long way in recent months. Now, they allow you to get really specific with your campaigns, and you can even target previous viewers from your website. That means you get a second chance to convert those visitors into customers! Click here to learn more about Facebook Ads.

Simple Ways to Convert Visitors Into Customers - website conversion rate
Simple Ways to Convert Visitors Into Customers

4. Target Your Approach

If you’re trying to speak to everybody, you’re speaking to nobody. It’s sometimes better to target your approach to your exact ideal customer. You shouldn’t waste valuable content or marketing strategy on speaking to a broad audience when you’re really trying to sell to a specific niche.

5. Streamline

If you’re not productive with your time, you’ll struggle in every aspect of your business. You need to invest in the time to develop a strategy that works for your business and your goals. Utilize tools like Clockspot and Teamwork that make content management and executing projects in a team easier.

6. Offer Freebies

Everyone likes free things, including your customers. If you offer a big ticket item or service, consider offering a freebie to get your visitors interested. You can offer a free week trial or the first chapter of your latest book, anything that gets people excited for more. Free opt-in’s are also a great way to find more leads.

7. Create Value

While your products and services should provide value, you also need to create value throughout your entire marketing process. Creating in-depth guides, videos, or infographics is an easy way to build your own authority within your field. More trusting your expertise means more visitors converted to customers.

Ultimately, commit to a long-term strategy.

When it comes to converting visitors into customers, you need to be willing to build your business and website organically. Traffic doesn’t skyrocket overnight (at least, it doesn’t usually) and it’s worth waiting until you’ve built your foundation before you really amp up your marketing for your specific products and services. If you’re providing genuine value, the customers will come!

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