Blog Income Report: How I Made $1,120 In January 2018

This is my first ever income report to share with you. I had to do a lot of consulting before making the decision but here we are.
Please note that sharing how much I made and how I made it is not to bragg or anything of the sort. I am sharing this to give hope to every blogger who thought making money through their blogs is a long gone fairy tale. I am also doing this for those who wanted to start a blogging business but weren’t sure if it’s still doable (since almost everyone runs a blog nowadays)
In this post, I am frankly going to share with you how i make money blogging and if it is a business worth investing in.
Before i share my income report, let me go ahead and share how the journey has been for me to be where i am today.
Before 2014, i had no idea what blogging was until the moment i landed on Yaro Starak’s blog, Entrepreneurs journey. My desk-mate back in collage and who latter came to be a co-founder of Sophlix shared the idea with me when we were busy doing what we knew best (downloading torrent movies)
He told me that he had found something he believed i could be good at (…he had noticed how i struggled writing codes) At first i thought he had discovered a quick and safer way of downloading movies and software’s then when he shared the link for me to read, i just couldn’t stop. It was my first time to hear about blogging but it sounded something familiar and so fun. “Something i could do”
From that point onwards, a minute could not pass without me thinking about blogging. I went ahead and bookmarked the page and even saved it for offline viewing. As time went, i started investing most of my time researching about blogging. That is how i found my three mentors who i give credit for what Sophlix has become. From knowing Yaro Starak, i then discovered the blogging and marketing guru’s Neil Patel and Darren Rowse. From reading their skyscraper blog posts, i was able to fully understand blogging and by implementing their advice, today i am one of the many happy full-time bloggers making a living from my blogs.
One thing many bloggers don’t tell you is that, blogging is not a walk in the park! It not easy to start and run a successful online business. It takes a lot of commitment, time, resources and skills acquisition (learning never stops) This is not to scare you off but to prepare you well. So roll up your sleeves and be ready to work smart.
With that small history said, let me jump right in to what brought us here 😉
Screenshot of January 2018 Earnings ~Sophlix
Screenshot of January 2018 Earnings ~Sophlix
The figures above are Sophlixs’ earnings from one affiliate program as of the 1st to 31st of January 2018 before any fees and expenses.

Breakout of January 2018 income – $1,120

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I know one by now there’s one question ringing in your mind so loudly, how can i make such amount of money through my blog? Well its not as hard as it always seem but reaching to that position is where the task lies.
Let me try and mention a few things quickly before i go write another motivating post 🙂

1. I established my name

One task that is awaiting you is to gain the trust of your audience. If you hoping to make money from your blog you need people to acknowledge that you exist and be the one they go to if they need any kind of information.

This might be a hard one if you are just starting off but now that you know, start preparing on how you will gain the trust of your prospects as quick as possible.

2. Read more

From the day i read Yaro Starak’s blog then Neil’s and Darren’s i have never looked back. I always discover new ways of solving problems by reading, listening and sharing. So, it doesn’t matter how long the post is, you have to read it because what you’ll gain is more beneficial.

3. Set up Social Media Profiles

Social Media plays a very huge role in any kind of business, be it online or offline. That might be where most of your prospects hangout, so you will be loosing so much if you don’t establish some presence there.

Social Media also adds some juice to your blogs SEO, so at the end of the day, you have so much to gain than loosing. Now that we talking about social media, check out our profiles and connect. We will greatly appreciate:

Facebook – Sophlix

Twitter – Sophlix, Josey Mras

Pinterest – Josey Mras

Instagram – Josey Mras

4. Networked with other like-minded bloggers

This is a point that i cannot insist enough. If you really need to grow your blog, you actually need to start interacting with link-minded bloggers. This way, you will help each other in brainstorming ideas or even executing ones in a way that makes business sense.

5. Consistency
Last but not least, you need to make blogging a routine!
The only way i have managed to grow Sophlix to where it is today, is by taking as a core business where i check and update it as often as i possibly can. I could not be here today if i did it the first month then relaxed, i had to continue molding my baby to the level i wanted it to be. So far, i am proud of it since it has achieved the hard part already therefor i believe it can grow to an authority in this field.
Final Thoughts
With that said, i believe you have most if not all the motivation and proof that making a living blogging is actually possible. You can check out previous posts for the right recommendation and tools you’ll need to set up and run a successful blogging business. You can start a blog today and grow it to a great resource within months, yes, it is very much possible. You just need to plan your execution strategy so well that succeeding will be the only available option.
Drop any thoughts and/or questions in the comments below if you have any.
It has been my pleasure helping you start and grow your blog, cheers 😉

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  1. Hi Josey, this is so inspiring for me and i believe everyone who has been struggling with making their blogs successful.
    Thank you for sharing the tips plus the income report.

    All the best.


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