#BlogIncomeReport: Feb & March Earnings

blogging income report

Greetings to you FAM 😉

I am so exited to finally share with you another income report that was a total success according to me.

Just to let you know, the figures i’ll share are a combination of two months. I contacted my affiliate manager and asked him to hold the payment till the following month (May for this case) I like seeing big cash you know… haha

That said, i know you might be wondering why the heck would i even share what i made on my blog. But here’s the reason:

  1. I am here to make you believe that one can earn a living online through their blogs. Making money online is not a fairy tale but a reality.
  2. Scams are all over the internet, that’s a fact. I myself, have fallen into the traps of scammers especially those who use social engineering to lure you into giving your credentials unknowingly. Therefore, this income report is proof that there are legitimate ways to make money online, and for this case through blogging.
  3. For those already blogging, i am hoping to share with you what has worked for me and what you can do to make it work for you too.

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Now, let’s jump right in. I know you can wait to see the figures, right?

Well, before i share that though i would kindly request you to share the challenges you are facing running your blog or online enterprise. That way, we can compare notes and see how we can help each other. That’s what blogging is to me, helping each other.

If you’re interested in blogging for a living, I have an easy step-by-step tutorial on how to start a blog for your business.

We are here now.

In the month of March and April, Sophlix made $2520

Blog Income Report

This was for one affiliate network that also made me good money in the previous months. Check the income report.

The affiliate network is Flexoffers.

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A Quick Guide to Help You Make Money from Blogging

Thank you for being part of this success by either reading my articles or clicking and following my affiliate links.

Cheers, to #BloggingSuccess

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