5 EPIC Techniques for Outdoor Photography

Techniques for Outdoor Photography

The five techniques we’ll be going over are:

⁃ Rule of Thirds: Dividing your image into three horizontal and vertical sections in order to take photos that are most pleasing to the eye

⁃ Depth of Field: Using aperture and special objects to capture dynamic photos in places where it would be a lot more difficult

⁃ Leading Lines: Most commonly used in architecture or built environments, we make this possible in nature buy finding lines that make your subject stand out

⁃ Long Exposure: Despite all of the highly reflective snow, you can still use long exposure during the day to capture nature in motion

⁃ Aerial Photography: If you have the opportunity or the means, this can add very unique photos to your portfolio just to get a different perspective

Here are some great works by ALEN PALANDER to illustrate the above Techniques for Outdoor Photography:

To take breath-taking shots like the ones above, you a good camera gear and awesome editing skills. I am going to list down some of the best camera gears that i have also used myself to do my vlogs.

Here’s the best pocket friendly camera’s in the market:

There you have it folks.

Nothing should stop you now from taking outdoor photography to the next most amazing level.


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