5 Quick Tips to Making a Great Travel Video

Making a Great Travel Video With Josey Mras
Photo By: Sawan Juggessur

Making a great travel video is usually overlooked. Actually, making anything good is usually over rated while it’s not usually much complicated in most cases.

You just need to take your time in doing the five tips that i have listed below and you will be in a better position in shooting your next travel video.

Peace Of Mind – A Weekend At Sanctuary Farm & Mt. Longonot – Josey Mras

1. Take your time.

The biggest mistake of beginners is to rush things when filming. You should record a shot for at least 20 seconds and leave 4 seconds at the beginning and 4 at the end without any movement. So if you don’t like your pan, you can still use those 4 seconds without any movement.

2. Always use a tripod.

When you’re shooting video, especially when filming landscapes and when panning. Exceptions: when filming a close-up or fast moving action like a bicycle or people running. Note: Don’t use a photography tripod for panning—they are not made for smooth movements. You’ll need a specific video tripod with a fluid pan-head.

3. Don’t move too fast.

Your panning should be very slow and deliberate and you should move across a straight line.

4. Check your lens for dirt.

It seems obvious, but it happens quickly and often that some dust or a smudge gets on your lens. Frequently check your lens for dirt before you start recording.

You can always carry with you a lens cleaner for a more perfect result. I stambled upon the Altura Photo Professional Cleaning Kit for DSLR on Amazon and i believe it’s going to be of much help in the long-term.

5. Pack spare batteries.

You’ll notice very quickly that video uses much more battery power than shooting photos. So, if you only have one battery with you, then you’ll probably be done filming after about 30 minutes. Best to carry at least two extra batteries wherever you go.


When you learn the simple tricks it takes to make your travel videos look more professional than an amateur can create on their own, you’ll be amazed at how easy it is. That’s it for now, these five tips to making a great travel video will equip you with all you need to start improving in your film making adventure/career.

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