How to Market to Millennials and Gen Z Generations

How to Market to Millennials and Gen Z Generations

Certainly, the Millennials and the Gen Z have come of age and now they have more buying power than any generation. However, marketing to them isn’t as easy as you think. This is because they require a different marketing strategy that the ones who came before them. And since they are the digital natives, their market approach is a bit different.

With this in mind, it is important to capture attention quickly and be able to get them on multiple platforms so as to ensure that you get them to buy. Here are some of the strategies to marketing to Millennials and Gen Z generations.

Capture their Attention

The Millennials and Gen Z are mostly known to be a social generation. And in this case, anything that happens to them is just but a social experience. So, to market to this cohort, you require to be keeping the social media platform up to date and relevant. Your brands should trendsetters, virtual community creators or a moral guide to their consumers. Bearing in mind that the Gen is a group of digital innovation and technological developments, all the marketing strategy ought to be applied in both new and re-designed practices in order to continue captivating and capturing their attention. As such, brands need to come up to the spotlight and get their attention, which is the key.

Engage Influencers

Another strategy of marketing to Gen Z is to really work with different influencers that are portraying their fundamental values such as equal representation, humor, and sustainability. Don’t dwell on shallow narratives as they won’t hold for long-term relationships. However, cultivating a genuine and long lasting relation with content creators will ensure the kind of story or campaign that the Gen and the Millennials identify with.

Practice What You Preach

The Millennials and Gen Z are an extremely socially conscious group and will only carry out business with those that value their presence and share their values. Since they are social media knowhow generation, they can quickly unravel whether a company is authentic or not. As such, in order to market to them, firms must convey their businesses while capturing their core values via social media platforms which the Millennials care about the most. You can reach them through Snapchat, YouTube or Instagram.

Be Transparent

The Millennials and Gen Z generation do not entirely base their buying decisions on things like prices, familiarity, and convenience. They rather value honesty and transparency and make decisions purely based on the trust they get for a brand or product. So brands must deliver the kind of transparency and authenticity that meets Gen Z’s expectations right from the firm they work for, to the product brands they buy from.

Concentrate On Marketing To values

Different from the other generations before, the Millennials and Gen Z better understand the options they have when it is about where and whom to spend their hard earned money with. Since they are the initial generation that has grown up with access to a global economy, it implies that brands and their products have to compete on a global platform. However, the only single way to go global is the base their marketing strategies on values rather than on what a product features, design or its price. So to win over the Gen Z, companies ought to focus on marketing to values.

Utilize Video and Animation

It is advisable for companies to invest in videos as the marketing strategy to Gen Z. This is because about 70 percent of Gen Z would prefer to stream content than watching TV while more than one in every four frequently posts their content on YouTube. In fact, videos and animation marketing strategy provides you with an excellent way of going past your competitors while conveying your brand message concisely minus any vagueness. So if you are planning to market your brand to Gen Z, then be sure to create content that they will find not only relatable but also entertaining and engaging.

Mobile First

In the digital environment today, it is not surprising that Gen Z is a mobile-first cohort. If you compare Smartphone, Tablet, TV, Laptop, and desktop, you will be amazed to find out that most Gen Zs spend almost all their time on their smartphones. This implies the companies and their marketing teams should ensure that all their marketing content such as social media, websites among others are optimized to be compatible with smartphone screens. Since this generation accesses virtually everything on their smartphones, businesses and companies should move and rethink on creating mobile-first marketing content before even maximizing for laptop, tablet or desktop.

Promote Entrepreneurial Values

The Gen Z is a generation that grew up during the recession period where they witnessed their parents losing jobs and the crashing of the housing market. As such, they understand well that there is nothing like a totally secure job. So above 50 percent of Gen Z want to start their own business one time in their lives. This shows that Gen Z doesn’t value formal education as much as they value starting their business. In order to capture their attention with your brand, you must coinage entrepreneurial values with your marketing strategies.

Include Images of Gen Z in Your Marketing

Essentially, Gen Z love when they see themselves being represented in marketing content. Otherwise, they believe that the advert isn’t meant for them. So companies and businesses must ensure to make a conscious effort of including Gen Z’ers images when marketing products and brand to them. It is important to keep a watchful eye on what really captures the Millennials attention when it comes to marketing with image content. Otherwise, the company can be in for a rude shock.

With the Gen Z and the Millennials increasing each year, this generation will definitely be offering marketer bigger and new opportunities for their brands and products. As such, rethinking on your marketing strategies to Gen Z is crucial as it ensures your company is not left in the dust while others establish their brands among Gen Z consumer base.

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