Emergency Medical Technician At Milele College Nakuru


Do you know that most deaths during emergencies are actually preventable? Kenya has an undisputed and strong need for robust prehospital emergency care particularly ambulance attendants, paramedics, health and safety officers, and emergency response teams due to the high prevalence of acute medical events, natural and man-made disasters, and mass casualty incidents.

Milele College Nakuru accredited by the Technical and Vocational Training Authority (TVETA) with approval by the Kenya Council of Emergency Medical Technicians will be offering an Emergency Medical Technician Training beginning July 2019. Emergency Medical Trainers reduce the loss of lives and prevent disability in sudden-onset disasters. The learners under this program will be undertaken through in easy-to-follow steps in understanding global trends for emergency response and empowering them to prevent and manage life threatening emergencies. Enroll now via http://milelecollege.ac.ke/join.php

EMT 2019 - Milele College

Emergency Medical Technician is a course that provides a chance for not very well-passed students in the KCSE to join the medical profession. Students graduate as Paramedics who work in different areas including the Emergency Department in hospitals, in ambulances as operators or paramedics, in industries as health and safety officers, airports as part of the emergency response team among other sectors.

Milele College will be offering this training as from July to December 2019 after approval by the Kenya Council of Emergency medical Technicians. We have a few remaining registration slots for the July-December Class. Stand to be counted.

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  1. Wow, it is really encouraging to see this kind of courses in our institutions. Indeed, on matters emergencies, Preparation through education is less costly than learning through tragedy. Soar up there Milele College, the school of excellence

  2. One of the president’s 4 agenda is universal health care. The EMT Course provides an opportunity for the country to pride in pre-hospital care which is a critical component of universal health care. This is just the starting point for a great revolution to come in the health sector.


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