Introduction to Counselling

Education Psychology and Theology At PUEA

Counselling psychology dictates an understanding of self and an understanding of others in order to become an competent and reflective counsellor. To this end, Presbyterian University Nakuru department of counselling has developed a program that is experiential in nature. Encompassing qualified and practicing counsellor trainers, we shall equip you with knowledge of human behavior in order to understand self and others, equip you with skills to handle clients at individual and group counselling across various issues such as self esteem issues, suicidal ideation, mood disorders, anxiety issues, depression, family crisis e.t.c.

We have a flexible mode of study favoring working adults as well as competitive fees. We have three intakes in and academic year i.e. January, May and September for Diploma and Certificate levels.

Entry requirement are:     

  • C for Diploma
  • C- AND D+ for certificate

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