Top 5 Major Pros and Cons of Using Free Site Builders

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Many new online business owners use the facilities of free site builders. Free website creators form the educational site, sports and fitness, online library, and sites on nongovernmental organizations and much more. Features of free websites have some pros and cons. These pros and cons can affect the growth, progress, and reputation of your enterprises. Therefore, before selecting a free site formation, one should be aware of these significant

1.) Limited Number Of Pages:

The company which offers formation of free sites for your business or educational website, may not provide you web pages which you may require for your web content. This limitation is the con of free sites builders. For example; a company may offer you a restriction of five pages for a free site, but your requirement is ten web pages. In this situation, you will feel unsatisfied with free services. Therefore, you can choose from dedicated server hosting packages which offer multiple options according to your site requirement. The pro is that if you cannot afford the initial investment, then at least you can kick start with limited web pages.

2.) Non-Customize URL:

Second con of free site builder is that he does not offer customized or personalized URL address for the website. Company may allow you to select a domain name, but it will add its company’s URL keyword in your website’s URL. This practice seems unprofessional and unacceptable to some users. The pro is that you can choose a domain name which represents your brand.

3.) Company Branding:

Although company branding is essential for growth and increasing range of customers. But free site developers use this as an opportunity. In other words, when the free site is developed for your business, then server company may add their brand in header and footer on your website. It looks unprofessional and additional on your site. The company can also place its logo in content pages of free sites. Many users do not like this practice as it dilutes their branding. The pro is that your company’s branding will also increase by having an affiliation with free site developers.

4.) Advertisement:

Many users consider the placement of ads as a dilution of their customized sites. Free sites holders cannot do anything about it as it is policy agreement for using services of free sites developers. Server companies can also add affiliate links into your site for their promotion and marketing. Visiters also watch these as additional and unnecessary links hence can reduce the traffic, reputation, and efficiency of your free website.

5.) Limited Storage:

Fifth significant con of using services of free site developers is that you would get limited storage and bandwidth for your site. Other server packages also offer limited storage and bandwidth, but these can be increased by paying for more space. In case of free site formation, you cannot ask for extra space and bandwidth unless you purchase their paid packages. The pro is that you can kick start your business with limited but crucial storage space and bandwidth.

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