10 Fundamental tips for bloggers [beginners guide]

beginner guide

I have been sharing a lot of helpful information on my blog since the day I felt I was now ready to give to the world what I knew and believed in. it was so unfortunate that I considered the already established internet users more and almost forgot of the newbies.

I never forgot you dear one’s that is why today am going to answer a question that I have been asked so many times. The two most common one’s are:

  1. What is blogging
  2. How do I start blogging

Samsung Galaxy S5 (336 X 280) Ok, blogging has many different definition but I describe blogging as “Identifying your hobby and/or interests then sharing them to the rest of the world on a blog.” Just to explain my definition, let’s say your hobby is swimming or you are interested in that. You have already identified something you can blog about that’s your niche. Now you just need to collect more information about swimming that you will be publishing on your new blog. It exactly as your diary.

Question two will be explained more on the points listed below. But have you ever sat down and thought of how awesome blogging is? Sharing what you know or like the most to the rest of the world. The more interesting part that has caused a lot of people turning into bloggers is the ability to earn from your blog.

That said, am going to share ten Fundamental tips for bloggers [beginners guide] that are very much essential for any person before they jump into the world of blogging. The tips applies to all types of bloggers so never worry.

  1. Define your goals.

Before you start blogging you must be knowing what you really want to blog about and how you intend to achieve that. Many bloggers have failed to achieve their intended goals simply because they failed to answer a simple question, “Why do you want to start blogging?” if you answered that question it would be easy to go about achieving your goals rather than just waking up one day and opening a blog with no defined goals.

After noting down the goals this is what is expected of you. You need to figure out what your blog will look like, its design. Decide on the design you intend to use this can be further defined as a brand. You are then required to perform the purposes of your blog. If it’s writing or photography or anything else, you need to get to work and start producing content. You then need to spread the news about your blog, about what you do. Market yourself so well that news about your blog reaches as many people as possible. Point noted; define your goals.

  1. Know your audience.

This is another important but tricky aspect to note. You need to know the people who you are writing for. Do not publish article for the sake of blogging, know the people who read what you post. By knowing your audience this is what I mean:

  • Do you answer their simple questions that drive them to your blog?

Your readers definitely come to your blog to solve a problem they are encountering or rather to get answers for questions disturbing them. They come to your blog to get answers so it is advisable to know your audience for you to know what they expect from your blog.

To achieve this you need to put yourself in your audience’s shoes and ask yourself some simple questions you feel they are asking themselves. I say simple questions because if you think of them deeply you will end up writing out of what your readers actually thought of. Make it simple so that you may not seem like you are exaggerating everything before you even answered what your readers had in mind.

Try to know what they think of your blog design. If they do, that’s great but if they do not try to figure out and how they would like it to be. It is so much important to do as your audience expect because it makes them feel like they own the blog and that will give them a good reason to wake up every day and rush on your blog.

  1. Be consistent.

Consistency is the distinguishing factor in the world today, no matter your field of expertise. It is not about what you do but how much you do it that matters. For example I can not a person who opened a blog published one post and went missing a blogger. Because I believe in consistency, doing what you do as many times as possible like a routine that you must adhere to.

So when you start blogging put in mind that you have built a community and started a conversation that you must keep it going for you to be termed as a blogger. Create a strategy that you will use when creating and publishing your content.

You can start by publishing content once a week. This is helpful since your audience will note the rhythm that will help them know when to get new posts.

  1. Be persistent.

Persistence in blogging is another important aspect to put into consideration. I say this because from experience I know readers do get bored with your blog sometimes; not because you have bad content but because you do not ignite their interests. By igniting their interests I mean you do not produce something new once in a while. Readers expects different tastes of content every time they visit your blog because that’s the main role and difference of a blog and a website, updating it with content more often.

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  1. Be inviting.

I will go direct to the point on this. You did not start a blog to be viewing it yourself of course therefore you should allow other users visiting your blog to have a chance of doing several activities on your blog. This is so important because it gives your readers a feeling like they own the blog too and they will therefore spare some of their time to spend on your blog. You can archive this by asking for their emails so that you be sending them weekly or monthly updates. Also you should allow your readers to comment after they read your articles; that way you will know their opinions and what they want generating another post idea.

  1. Be visible

You become visible when you go beyond your blog. As a blogger you need to create a community, be influential and solve problems. You cannot archive this if you restrict yourself just within your blog alone. You need to expand your boundaries so that other internet users apart from your blog readers know that you do exist. This one can be archived by being active on social media sites that works best for you (Facebook and twitter are my best.) You can also archive that by commenting on other blogs, joining on forums and attending workshops and events related to your area of expertise.

  1. Take risks

Just from the word go you must be ready to take risks. As a blogger you will go ahead testing many different products, methods and ideas for the success of your blog. Many fail because they are never for this sacrifice but I can quote a common saying; “nothing good comes easy.”

If you really have a passion for blogging and you want to one of the best, then you must be ready work towards archiving that. It takes a lot I can guarantee but it very important in the long run. I have taken a lot of risks myself, others succeeded and definitely most failed. But that build me more rather than demoralizing me because I knew what I needed at the end.

I never term the challenges and struggles I go through in making something successful as problems, but the journey of success. I believe every successful person must have a story behind their success.

  1. Ask for help.

Do not stress yourself up with something that you can get solutions if you just asked a question. I believe there are a lot of professionals in your areas of expertise, so go ahead and make good use of them when you have the chance. It will reach a time when you will be facing challenges but you will have no one to consult. So ask as many times as possible.

  1. Keep learning.

I always believe that no one on earth knows everything; not even the wise men/women or the geniuses. So do not be satisfied with the little knowledge you have, keep on acquiring for more and more because that will distinguish you from the rest.

Most especially as a blogger, you are expected to be more updated since you are online most of your time. Install in you as much knowledge as you can, let nothing stop you from expanding your potential. If you succeed in acquiring all the knowledge you may need you will be very much resourceful and therefore people will listen to you when you say anything, because they believe you will always guide them in the right direction.

  1. Be yourself.

This final point is so much important but very simple in elaborating. If you copy someone that has already achieved thinking that you will be the same then you are far much wrong. The other person is your mentor so you can either be more than him/her or less but never the same.

The biggest disadvantage of not being yourself is that one day you will get tired of playing someone else and fall back to your normal position. Do not allow that to happen, do your things right and wait for your own success to come.


Deciding to become a blogger is the best thing I appreciate myself for so far and I could advise almost everyone to follow the trend. But then I insist on a very important note; stick to your passion/talent. It is the most important gift that everyone owns and you should make good use of it.

Following your passion/talent makes work easier in archiving all the ten points that I have noted above. I say this because if it is not in your hear you will do it poorly and that is a guarantee. So follow the ten tips and practice them more often, then the results will amaze you too.

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