5 places to always get blog post ideas

blog post ideas

Blogging has of late been a great career for many people worldwide. They write what they love doing (passion), connect with people and they so earn large income in the long run.

It really seems easy to start and do blogging full time, though it’s never that easy if you not organized.

Many bloggers, especially the newbies starts with posting their few posts that they had prepared earlier and after a couple of weeks they realize that they have nothing to post.

They feel too blank that they end up copy pasting! At some point I feel like every blogger went through this. It is the worst Idea because it may end up putting in real trouble and no one is going to trust your work.

But there is no need to worry because I am going to show you great and easiest ways to find platforms where you can always get blog posts ideas.

Here’s a list of the 5 most resourceful places to get ideas to write great blog posts:

  1. Google

Google is a search engine that seems to contain all the answers that we may search for. Internet is so huge for us to navigate across it but Google narrowed it down for us. You just need to type a search word and hit the search button.

Through Google search, you can get a diverse result of the post idea you have in mind. In this case, Google acts as a reference site; you type a keyword and you get more than five results that will help you write a great blog post.

NOTE: Do not copy and paste. If you have been pleased with the article in that you don’t want to change its contents, you rather link to the original article.

  1. YouTube

This is another greatest and simplest way to get blog post ideas. The idea behind this is to translate video tutorials into blog posts.

Here’s the steps to follow:

  • Search for a video that has the topic of what you want to write a post about.

  • Watch it keenly to get all its contents to be able to match it with your blog post idea.

  • Translate the video into text after you are done watching it in details.

If the video was too great to learn from, do not hesitate to share it too. You can drop a link of the clip.

  1. Social media

Social media sites has shown great improvements in the recent days. People have created online communities through sites like linkedIn, Twitter, facebook, google+ and many others. They share ideas and solve problems.

Through social media networks you can identify problems in an area of expertise and decide to write a post to solve the problem.

You can also get blog posts ideas from the questions and decide to write a post to answer them.

  1. Books/Novels

Readers should never run out of blog post ideas according to me. If you really like reading novels or books generally you must be having a lot of lines running in your head every time. You just need to compile them wisely and put them on your blog.

It can be a review of a book you like or a character or even your experience in reading the novels. You just need to think outside the box.

  1. Forums

This is another best place to find blog posts. In forums people share thoughts, ask and answer questions.

You can run a research on the blog post idea you have in the forums and compile the responses to make a very good blog post.

So never ever should you fail to post or copy paste because you are out of words/ideas to write about. Try the above 5 places to always get blog post ideas and feel free to share the experience.

You have more places and tactics to get blog post ideas? Then list them in the comment box to keep the conversation going.

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