8 SEO Tips for Higher Search Engine Ranking

search engine rankings

How relevant is your presence online?

The internet is the single greatest way to gain exposure for any project, idea or business you want to promote.

Your website can put you in front of anyone in the world.

Like recently, a friend of mine (Shiku Kihika) went back to her blogging career after a long break due to hustle here and there. She wrote a piece about her journey of single parenthood titled, “The pain of unwanted pregnancy”. She posted it without any idea of who will read it.

She went ahead and shared it on Facebook and sat back.

After some hours, she started receiving calls from people who had read her article and were inspired in some way. Comments were flowing in massively that she couldn’t even believe.

In short, her post touched many and helped her meet so many people for advice. Something that she couldn’t achieve without her blog.

It sounds easy, right?

Actually it isn’t that easy as it sounds. Though it worked for her without much of content marketing.

The hard part is if someone types in a search for your niche, if you are not ranked decently, they won’t find you unless they have your specific website address.

Even with the name of your website, the search could return other sites before yours. The World Wide Web is saturated with websites and if you want to stand out from the crowd you need to have a strategy.

If you want to pay a search engine like Google Bing or Yahoo!, you can get seen. Google AdWords and Yahoo Marketing are effective, but can be cost prohibitive. The goal to strive for is to have your website show up naturally on the first page of a search. Here are 8 steps that will help you achieve that goal.

  1. Use of keywords.

Put together a list of keywords and long tail keyword phrases of 3-5 words. For example if you have a rock band, you could use words that describe your music or performance style. Phrases you could use are something like… wedding band for hire, rock band for hire, etc. Use terms and phrases specific to your niche. This will aid SEO.

Take your time and do research on the keywords you intend to be ranked for.

Google webmaster is a great platform that can help you plan for the keywords that will help you rank better according to your niche specification.


  1. Craft your own original content.

Fill your website/blog with all original content.

Like you all know, “content is king.” So you have to take your time and make your “king” so relevant to everyone who will go through it; including search engines.

Search engines don’t like copied content; write your own keyword rich content.

  1. Use keywords wisely.

When using your keywords (from step 1), use them on several pages of content. The more pages the better.

It’s better to have 500 pages with one keyword than 1 page with 500 keywords.

  1. Care more about your potential readers/clients

Know who your potential market is and focus your writing on them. Write interesting and helpful information because if it’s valuable to them, they will be back!

  1. Consistency matters.

Add new content often, daily if possible.

By blogging on your subject in the form of articles, diary or interviews, you can keep it fresh so people will come back again and again to see what you have for them to peak their interests. You can even do polls or RSS feeds.

  1. Plan for the future.

Maintain your site for a long time. The older your site is, the better it will rank.

  1. Use social media to drive traffic to your site.

If you are not leveraging on the rapid growth of social media then you are really losing a lot.

Put links to your articles on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumbler etc. Join groups and forums that match interests with your website then comment on other people’s posts.

Make sure that you have a link to your website in your profile and people will click through to your site when they read your profile. Some sites that have the option for you to “like” or bump a post will create a back-link to your site just from your profile link as well. Be careful not to get too “spammy” with your posts in these places because that is frowned upon.

I get most of my blogs traffic from social media!

It really helps a lot if you know how to strategize your social media marketing plan.

  1. Submit your site to search engines monthly.

There are a lot of search engine submission websites out there that are free if you are working on a zero budget plan.

You can simply do a search for “search engine submissions” and you will have plenty to choose from.


The never-ending quest to dominate the SEO factor will pay off eventually. The longer your site is up and active, and the more original content you add, the higher you will see your site rank.

Plan your schedule to make this happen! It doesn’t happen overnight, but if you are adding valuable original content regularly and following the 8 steps mentioned above, you will see the fruits of your labor in a Search Engine Optimization bounty!

Use social media as a tool to rank higher on search engines too. Since google algorithms also puts into consideration your traffic on social media sites.

As always, if you have any questions, just leave them in a comment below.

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