Top 15 Amazing Business Opportunities You Can Start This Year

Business Opportunities

Thinking of starting a small business in Kenya? You’re on the right track. But Think again. Starting a business venture is one of those life-changing events.

It is just the same as starting a marriage. It takes the same depth of commitment and desire. As in there’s a lot of thinking to be done before starting a small business of your own.

Like any relationship, if you want it to be successful, you’re going to have to work at it. And it’s going to have its ups and downs and surprises. That aside, having business of your own can be the most satisfying, exhilarating experience of your life.

Are you willing to work hard and make the sacrifices that starting a small business will entail? Here are the best businesses you can start in 2018 with low capital.

Here Are The Best Business Opportunities To Start In Kenya 2018

1. Sell black coffee

If you live in towns like Nairobi, I am sure you have come across some guys who distribute black coffee in matatu termini. Have you ever stopped to inquire how much they make per day? Well, at it turns out, this venture is one among the best business opportunities in Kenya  you should try.

For starters you will require a 10 litre capacity flask, some disposable plastic cups and well…a bit of hard work.
As long as you are willing to give it your best, there is no reason why you should walk away with less than Ksh1,000 per day in profits. Remember, a 10 litre coffee thermos contains 65 x 150ml cups of coffee. Sell each cup at Ksh10 and you will make Ksh650 per flask.

Depending on the amount of trips you will make in a day, your income can rise up to 2,000 minus production costs.

2. Cleaning services

Do you clean your house so well that you could start your own house-cleaning business? Do you want to be your own boss?

Cleaning businesses are very lucrative. And don’t get stuck thinking this means just cleaning houses. While residential cleaning is a popular option, you can also clean offices or retail spaces. (Check Out Usafi Cleaners)

Home-cleaning business is becoming one of the hottest topics today. Not only that, but it is one of the easiest home-based businesses to start. The major advantage is that it requires minimum start-up funds.

So if you are up-to this challenge, decide whether you want a side business to generate extra cash each month or if you want a full-time, house-cleaning business.

3. Photography

You don’t need an extensive studio or traditional business location to start a successful photography business; you can take you gear anywhere.

In fact, a mobile photography business gives you the opportunity to capture photos in unique places. You can do photo-shoot in various events like weddings within your locality, or start taking passports for clients. At the end you will be happy.

4. Sell natural oils

You don’t need a whole factory along Mombasa road to start producing oils. You simply need to invest in an oil press machine and a few raw materials like avocado, macadamia, sunflowers and even chia seeds.

Things like avocadoes are readily available in most parts of the country and you can obtain them at throw-away prices. You dry them up and then squeeze them using the machine to produce pure, organic oil.

Once you get the oil, you can package it in bottles and supply to your clients. You can expand your market by selling through social media especially within your reach. At the end you will smile all the way to the bank.

5. Sell Mitumba clothes

Even if you have a degree holder, this is the business can jumpstart your career as you wait for a suitable opportunity.

This business is very lucrative in Kenya. It does not require a lot of capital as compared to other businesses. If you have as little as Ksh 1,000, you can comfortably start selling second hand clothes. The amount can be higher if someone intends to sell in bulky.

It’s cheap because you don’t require a license to start; what you need is to identify a suitable location to operate your

business, the supplier, then pay the city council for operating a business in their jurisdiction.

6. Start Your Salon

With the right experience and equipment, you can bring a salon that provides hair and nail services to your customers. If successful, you can even consider expanding into a bigger venture that provides massages, facials and other luxury services.
If you don’t have capital to start it, make it a mobile business. You can visit clients in their homes and then later look for a physical location where clients can easily trace you once you some money.

With all that in mind, don’t get stuck anymore. Pick one from the above proven business opportunities in Kenya to generate your full or part-time income. Take-off now!

7. Real Estate Broking

You have met a few land brokers in your time. A lot of Kenyans have become millionaires from real estate dealing business. This is a lucrative business that can land you into the millionaires if not billionaires club. Start of as a broker in buying and selling of plots. The truth is that with this kind of business you will always have source of living since real estate business continues to grow and land keeps on appreciating year by year.

As a beginner you actually do not need an office you just need a good network.

8. Office Supply Business

People who work in the corporate world are in the constant need for supply of office equipment. This can be a small business idea for this year if you are still thinking about what to do.

9. Soap making

Soap is one of the fastest moving consumer products. The production is simple and with the demand for soap in Kenyan households you will be smiling all the way to the bank in no time. Find capital and invest in this lucrative business.

10. A bakery business

Have you ever thought of yourself as the master of the kitchen? Maybe it’s time for you to test out your culinary skills by setting up- a small bakery business in your locality. All you require to run this business is baking equipment, decorating equipment, raw materials like flour and sugar, business permits and a good set of marketing skills. Download a few recipes from the internet and you are on your way.

11. Restaurant business

This is one of the businesses that is growing especially in towns and major cities. All you need is a passion for cooking coupled by permits from the county government and relevant bodies.

12. Computer maintenance business

With the increased sales in computers and laptops, you can earn a living from repairing them. You can go ahead and even start offering to install softwares at a cost.

13. Career Coaching

This is all about providing career guidance to students still in campus or recent graduates. Arm yourself with the relevant information you need as a career coach and turn this skills into a business of your own.

You can start off by offering one on one career coaching and family members of your friends.

14. Event planning business

Event planning is one of the profitable business ideas you can start with little or no capital at all in Kenya. It’s all about planning social and corporate events at a cost.

The secret to staying in this business is keeping the clients happy. You don’t need a lot to venture into this business. Just market yourself and bag your first client and boom! You are headed for the stars.

15. Security Services Business

Security remains a top priority for all Kenyans especially those who have accumulated wealth. You can put up together a small security companies offering security services, employee and train a couple of young people and start offering services to individuals and institutions.

They say the only limit to success is you. Take charge of your life. There is so much free information out there for you to create the kind of life you want. You can start by seeing which on one of these small business ideas you can implement.


Life is full of mysteries. We are never sure what each day will bring. However if you have a clear outline of what you want your life to be, you can save yourself the stress of how to get there. Is starting a business one of your life time goals? A friend of mine had one of his new year’s resolutions as quitting his job and starting his own business. I hope those awesome small businesses ideas that i’ve mentioned above will get you into the rich side of life that you ever wished for.

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