BBC Pilots a Digital News Tool Built by a Kenyan Startup

BBC drop

BBC has introduced a Kenyan built digital news tool for testing. The platform, BBC Drop makes possible tailored BBC news content for the smartphone and social media generation. BBC Drop is a responsive website created to work well on smartphones and was designed in Nairobi last year, a collaboration between digital innovators in Kenya, in this case Ongair, the Kenyan tech startup, and the BBC. This blog post serves as an invite to our community to test this product, which can be accessed here, and provide feedback.

The idea was born out of a hackathon held by the BBC World Service and BBC digital innovations team, Connected Studio. Teams were invited to think of new ways to reach young Africans through social and digital media and this selected idea can now be tried and rated by the potential audience themselves on the BBC Tastersite.

How does it work?

BBC Drop asks the user for a few favourite topics, or social media preferences, and then continues to learn what they like and dislike from what they swipe on screen. There is also the option of an even more personalised news feed which incorporates the user’s own social feeds. The end result is users getting to see content specifically tailored to them and the stuff they are not interested in being filtered out.

The BBC Drop pilot is available on BBC Tasterand can be tried out and rated for the next 3 months. It works well on all screens and devices. The site collects news content from across the BBC. The aggregation and tagging is made possible using BBC Juicer, a tool created by BBC News Labs, which takes in news sources from across the globe and automatically tags specific topics.

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