Best Video Editing Tips That Will Make Any Amateur Look Like a Pro

Video Editing Tips
Best Video Editing Tips ~ sophlix

No matter what video editing program you use, there are some video editing tips and tricks that will improve your editing experience.

Having the right computer, software and accessories are essential, but in the end, great video editing comes from practice and patience.

Best Video Editing Tips
Best Video Editing Tips ~ sophlix

Here are the video editing tips you need to know

  • Shoot more footage than you think you’ll need. Include footage that enhances the story or sets the scene. You can use it for smooth transitions in your movie.
  • Use a tripod unless you are going for a handheld effect, which can be dizzying for your audience.
  • Confine accompanying music to instrumentals. Lyrics can distract from the movie itself.
  • Don’t use every video effect in your video editing software in the same movie. Sometimes, less is more.
  • Medium range and close-up shots are better than wide shots for keeping a viewer’s interest.
  • Take a break after your first round of edits. Fresh eyes may reveal something desensitized eyes didn’t see.

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Before you can begin editing, you need video footage to work with. Most programs accept a variety of formats for video editing, as long as they are digital from camcorders or smartphones. If you shoot your video on any digital device, it is easy to import the footage into your software.

If you want to edit analog video, such as content on a VHS tape, you’ll need to have it converted to a digital format before you can import it for video editing.

Video Editing Accessories

Before beginning a video project, make sure there is enough space on your computer to save all the necessary file footage. For example, one hour of 1080i video like you get from a mini-DV camcorder takes up nearly 42GB of file storage. If your computer’s internal hard drive or flash memory can’t store all the footage, the solution is to buy an external drive.

You need several cables, usually Firewire or USB, to connect your computer, external hard drive and camera. Different computers and cameras accept different connectors, so check your manuals before buying anything.

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Video editing doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated, but it does require the right equipment. Get started the right way with this beginner’s guide to video editing.

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