Make Money As A Collage Student With BookScouter Campus Rep Program

BookScouter Campus Rep Program

Are you already a fan of BookScouter?
Would you like to earn some extra money when you refer your friends or fellow students?

As you navigate the site, you’ll see that a few things have changed:

  • All-new infrastructure to increase speed and reliability
    • This will allow us to rapidly iterate on the service in order to keep up with the demand for custom tools and integrations with our data
  • New design to support and emphasize the changes, as well as modernize the tool for better support on smaller screens and devices
  • Many tools still exist in their previous forms, but will be re-engineered using this new infrastructure in the coming weeks

We know that it’s not all about looks, but we think you’ll like BookScouter’s new style. And more good news! Even more improvements are in the works, but please don’t be overwhelmed. Your input will help us shape the tool, so be on the lookout for surveys to provide your feedback. Cool? Fist bump.

Join The Program NOW!

Qualifications for the Campus Director Position:

  • Be a current user of BookScouter (aka have sold books through the site/app)
  • Have a future interest in Business Operations or Marketing
  • Attend College/University in which you are applying to be Campus Director
  • Enrolled with BookScouter Referral program (and signed-up 10+)
  • Have creative ideas that you would like to deploy that would match your particular college
  • 10 hours per week available to devote to BookScouter activities

There you have it.

Even if you are still a student, you have been privileged and equipped with ways to make money online. Join The Program and start your journey to financial freedom.

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