10 Booming Businesses In Kenya That You Can Start Today

Booming Businesses In Kenya That You Can Start Today
10 Booming businesses that are stomping

Okay. If you are reading this, it means that you are interested in starting a business of your own. Having looked before at the legal requirements required to start a business, I am going to highlight booming businesses in Kenya that you can actually start.

Most people who want to start a business are looking for independence and to have the ability to make extra cash without working a 9-5 job.

There are so many profitable business ideas that you can choose from when thinking about starting one for yourself.

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Here is a comprehensive list of lucrative business that you can start today in Kenya;

Booming Businesses In Kenya

1. Movie shop

Most of us still enjoy watching movies but not all of us have the luxury of downloading these movies. As long as this remains, movie shop businesses will continue to boom.

In a day, a movie shop can make you at least 1K to 10K depending on the location and day. Say you get around 100 customers in a day each buying a movie at 50 shillings, that’s 5,000 in a day and 150K in a month.

Over time through quality service you can increase your customers and make more than that and you could open your very own chain of movie shops.

2. Online store

The need to shop and people wanting efficiency has created one of the most booming businesses in Kenya – online shops.

In Nairobi, River road is a street booming with businesses but very few of these have tapped into the power of online business.

90% of Kenyans use social media and having an online store could be the best thing you can do. Go to Facebook and Instagram and see all those people selling their things online.

It doesn’t matter what you are selling, you just need to get it right in social media marketing.
You could offer incentives like free delivery within the city or town and a small fee to deliver elsewhere in the country.

3. A salon/kinyozi business

This is not only a profitable business but one of the easiest to start. With a capital of as low as 5,000 depending on the location, you could easily establish your own business.

You can start by visiting clients in their homes; make enough money to finally rent out a place.

A standard salon or barber stall goes for Ksh.6000 to 15,000. From there you can work on getting cash to buy the equipment you need.

4. Fruit Salad Business

We covered a story a while back about this young man who started a fruit salad business with just 200 shillings.

As long as people want to stay healthy, this is one of the lucrative businesses that you can always start. A standard fruit salad business will cost you a starting capital of 10K but this is also dependent on the location.

5. Car wash business

This is one of the profitable businesses in Kenya right now. You don’t require much to start a cash wash, just an area with water supply.

If you charge 200 shillings per car and manage to clean 100 cars per day again depending on where you are located, that is 20K per day.

Get a dedicated staff and you could be making around 400K in a month.

6. Selling Baby Diapers

Unlike the past, diapers have become a norm in every household with a baby. You can take advantage of this new market by selling diapers.

All you have to do is get a supplier who can sell them to you at a discount and then your work will be to distribute.

Start off by doing door to door delivery.

The good news is that you can start this business with as low as a 5K.

7. Bakery and coffee shop

Are you good in cooking? Why don’t you turn your passion into a lucrative business?

Most young people are afraid to seize the moment and end up regretting later on in life. It doesn’t matter how much capital you have, all you need is the drive and passion to turn that into a booming business.

At least with an estimated cash of 50-100K you can comfortably start your own bakery and coffee shop and create the next Kenyan Java.

8. Watch importation business

Unknown to many people, this is a very lucrative business that you can start in Kenya and start making good money.

Most people who engage in this kind of business or any other importation business for thet matter buy their goods from Alibaba.

A good watch costs $2.1 and you are allowed to buy a minimum of 100 pieces. With less than 30,000 you can start your own watch importation business.

All you need is good connection with someone in China, understand the tax system and revamp your social media marketing skills.

9. A day care business

Most parents with young ones are working and need people to watch over their little ones while they are away.

With the menace of hiring incompetent house helps, most parents would rather leave their children in a day care.

With 20K, you can start your day care within your location. This is one of the businesses that you can be sure will always be there and you will always get clients.

10. Catering Business

Start your own cooking business from your house and sell food items to offices, matatu operators and even ‘mjengo’ guys.

To set up a catering business, you only need fire, food items and lots of utensils. A good catering business that has more than 50 clients in a day can earn you 40K plus.


If you are looking to start a business of your own one day, thinking out of the box is one of the skills you will need. But you don’t have to worry about that. With these ten booming businesses in Kenya, you can choose from any and do more research on other businesses that you can start.

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