Deputy President, William Ruto today thanked all ethnic groups in Nakuru residents for co-existing in peace

ruto in Nakuru //
ruto in Nakuru //

Deputy President, William Ruto today thanked all ethnic groups in Nakuru residents for co-existing in peace and urged them to

He said more than 300 kilometers in Nakuru will be tarmacked . He said that the Mwisho Wa Rami – Narok road will be tarmacked to open up the agricultural rich areas in the region.

Hon. Ruto said that the government was investing a lot in education and no school going children should miss his or her studies.

The Deputy President was speaking at Ngwataniro Secondary School, Mau Narok during a fundraising of the school.

Hon Ruto and President Kenyatta gave shillings 3 millions with Governor Kinuthia Mbugua giving shillings 100,000 through his Deputy, Joseph Ruto. The Deputy Governor gave shillings 50,000. Hon. Ngunjiri gave shillings 20,000 with Energy CS, Keter shillings 200,000

Hon. Ruto also donated 20 computers worth shillings 1.5 millions to the school.

Two years ago, Hon. Ruto said, only 8,000 school had been connected to electricity but now some 22,500 schools already connected to the national grid.

He said that residents of Ngwataniro area, Njoro will have their homes connected to electricity and promised to secure more transformers for the area.

In the last years more than 300,000 homes in Nakuru County have already been connected to electricity and the connection was not discriminating

As from January next year, the government will build 45 cooling plants in Nakuru in order to serve better dairy farmers

Hon. Kimani Ngunjiri said that since 1963, Kenya has never had as working Deputy President as William Ruto.

Hon. Ruto said that the government will pay NHIF cards for women for one years starting immediately. He asked women to visit their health facilities and ask to be provided with the card as a matter of urgency.

Hon. Ruto said that 5,3000 poor and elderly people in Nakuru were already receiving stipends from that government but this number will increase to 20,000 people in the next one year.

Hon. Ngunjiri said Hon. Ruto will be the only leader who will ascend to the Presidency directly from the life of a hustler.

Hon. Ngunjiri said, when the history of Kenya is finally written, Hon. William Ruto’s story will be likened to that of king David who was fetched from the goat-herding duties to loyalty.
Keter said that shillings 600 million has been set aside to light up Nakuru County with Njoro constituency getting shillings 30 millions.

He said by the end of this year, Njoro will have 70 per cent electricity connectivity.

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