Did you miss the digital camp Kenya 2015? Don’t worry i got your back


Am just recovering from the camping experience that I had last weekend organized by BAKE.

I am talking about the Digital Camp Kenya 2015 (#DCKenya) that was held at Crayfish camp in Naivasha, Nakuru County.

It was my first time there and I loved everything from the reception to of course the food, the tents, hot shower in the morning and most of all watching the sun rising at shores of Lake Naivasha.

Though it was a more of educational camping experience I still had more fun.

That said… there were many activities lined up for the two days. I am going to make you feel like you never missed the event by giving you an in depth insight of what took place.

How we spent the two days.

Day 1:

We arrived at Camp around 1:00 pm; we had a brief Introductions, run down of the program and announcements. We then went ahead to pick tents where we would be sleeping at night.

We immediately took lunch since time was not on our side and went right ahead to have the sessions that no one would ever wish to miss.

After the sessions in the evening, we wanted to know each other more and at the same time refresh our minds a little bit.

So, we did some team building activities that turned into a more fun game. Fortunately, I and Zawadi Nyogo emerged the winners. That was a nice point to now go relax then take supper.

When the stomach is full, no one would want anything hard to digest. Therefor we found nothing else soft to absorb at that moment than a cool and more relaxing music performance by the living legend, Makadem.

Makadem performing at The Digital Camp Kenya

After the meals and the cool music, it was now time for the fire side chat. There was a panel of three great speakers in the entrepreneurship and content creation industry. They included:

  • Mikul Shah.
  • Manoj Changarampatt.
  • Isis Nyong’o.

After that one could go to sleep or join the others in drinking and partying till late in the night.

I bet you can guess in which group I was!

Of course, I was among the sleeping lot. I am more geek than party animal.

Day 2:

On 7th there were no much activities. Though too much sessions were not yet covered so time had to be squeezed, for us to at least get half the loaves than miss everything.

That’s it, day two was full of session after session.

How the sessions progressed.

Before i jump in the contents of the sessions I see it right to first share with you the list of speakers and the topics that they covered.

I bet that way you will be having a clear picture of what we covered and what you missed, sadly.

Here we go…

Caroline Mutoko (Program Controller, Kiss 100 | Group Marketing Manager, Radio Africa Group Ltd)

From a Radio Presenter to Youtube personality, what’s the future?

Liz Lenjo (Advocate of the High Court of Kenya, Partner at Kikao Law)

Intellectual property laws that govern content creation and freedom of expression

Richard Wanjohi (CS Manager, Consumer Experiences – GFK R&T EA)

Research and Market Intelligence; their use on Social Media

Morris Kiruga (Freelance Writer | Researcher)

Blogging is not always sexy; The Importance of Research

Njeri Wangari (Director, Training & Outreach BAKE)

Liz Lenjo (Advocate of the High Court of Kenya, Partner at Kikao Law)

Online content creation and free expression in Kenya

Mikul Shah (CEO, Eatout Africa),

Manoj Changarampatt (Founder & Principal Consultant | Mentor)

Isis Nyong’o (Founder, Asphalt & Ink | Africa-Focused Investor & Entrepreneur) Investing in online enterprises

Jackson Biko (Creative Writer | Award winning Blogger – Bikozulu.co.ke) Creative Blogging

Tyrus Kamau (Founding member, AfricaHackOn) Digital Security explained

Eugene Nyawara (Creative Director, ZedAfrica), Web Development using CMS platforms

Kentice Tikolo (CEO, Lead Consultant, Impact Africa Ltd)

Creating an organization’s communication and PR Strategy

Silvia Njoki (Award Winning Fashion blogger) Fashion Blogging

Ahmed Salim (GM, Qube Ltd)

Manoj Changarampatt (Founder & Principal Consultant)

Changing the Corporate Mindset & Strategy to work with the New Media

Marvin Tumbo (IT Director at Utawala – Strategic Governor Support)

Managing the Government Digital Tools and the Challenges

Shitemi Khamadi (Managing Editor, Kenya Monitor| Freelance Journalist)

The rise of Citizen Journalism; the thin line between journalism & blogging

Kinyanjui Kombani (Creative writer |Banker |Learning facilitator |Award-winning

Entrepreneur & Business mentor)

Publishing in Kenya & how to use social media to build a brand / sell books

Limo ‘Bankelele’ Taboi (Banking, Finance, Technology & Investment writer)

Business Blogging

Zawadi Nyong’o (Feminist Digital Media Consultant)

Philip Ogola (New media Consultant, Digital Footprint Africa Ambassador)

Social media for good: How to use social media to run a cause/fund raise

Mutua Matheka (Photographer / Award winning blogger) Photography Blogging & Instagram

Brian Mung’ei (Principal Officer – Digital Strategy & Social Media, Safaricom Ltd) Utilizing digital platforms for PR and advertising

Mark Kaigwa (Founder, Nendo – Strategy & Storytelling for Digital Africa)


Well, I can see you nodding with a smile.

Does it mean you have a clear picture of what every speaker talked about?

I bet the answer is yes.

In depth coverage of the sessions.

This is where you are required to tighten your seatbelts because everything is getting interesting now.

So far, you know of how we spent the two days, the speakers and what they covered. I will now be sharing in depth lessons learnt from some of the sessions.

Start of sessions.

We started off by the one and only queen of radio Caroline Mutoko who talked of how she came from a Radio Presenter to Youtube personality.

Caroline Mutoko
Caroline Mutoko at the Digital Camp Kenya 20215

I learnt that Caroline Mutoko is one lady that follows what their heart want. “If you feel like you can dance, then give it a short. If you believe that you can sing and people can buy and listen to your song then find your way to the studio.”

But, there is a big caution on that! “Never go empty handed!”

I know you are now asking how much should I carry with meJ

Never go empty handed; always have a plan with you. Schedule how, when with whom you want to achieve what.

She put it simple but carried a lot of content in her words. For all those who produce content:

  • It is like dating – frequent and sustained engagement.
  • Don’t just post – talk to me.
  • Don’t just post & talk to me – surprise me, wow me.

The icing of the cake was; “you have to get the DNA of who you are addressing.” In our simple language we call them audience. But you need to know more than their names and email address.

If you don’t know who you are talking to, you will never capture their quality attention.

We then went into laws and regulations a little bit.

That is, intellectual property law and blogs by Liz Lenjo (Advocate of the High Court of Kenya, Partner at Kikao Law)

Liz Lenjo
Liz Lenjo at the Digital Camp Kenya.

What is Intellectual property (IP)?

Do you know of trademarks and/or copyrights? Do you have them on your blog?

Liz explained of the importance of protecting you articles and creativity in general using either of these:

  • Copyright notice.
  • Creative commons license.
  • Terms & Conditions.

Public relation (PR) could not be left out.

Creating an organization’s communication and PR strategy by Kentice Tikolo.

Kentice Tikolo
Kentice Tikolo at the Digital Camp Kenya

Public relation scope.

PR can be done on different levels, be it: Global, National, Organizational, Departmental, long term and short term. Your PR plan must follow/support your organizational strategy.

Why PR planning?

  • You plan strategically to save money & time.
  • To create an understanding & clarity.
  • To resolve controversy.
  • It helps you to focus your efforts.
  • Helps you to improve your effectiveness.
  • Assists in agenda setting – being proactive.
  • It also minimizes mishaps.


Let me give you a frank advice before I even conclude.

Always try your best to attend such workshops/camping experiences when they come up. There is no other place you can get all the information that we got for such a low price.

The workshops gives you the ability to ask questions and/or consult face to face with the “experts” something that can be impossible or very expensive when outside here.

That said, I insist as my blogging mentor does; the future of online dominance depends on content creation and being active on both new media and the older form of marketing. To be a good marketer you have to be a good writer.

Part II of this post will be coming soon; it will cover sessions like Creative writing by Jackson Biko, Photography by Mutua Matheka and many others.

As always, if you have any questions, just leave them in a comment below.

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