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Endure unto the End – “But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved.” – Matthew‬ ‭24:13‬

Endure unto the End

The most priced commodity of a guarantee of heaven or hell is your SOUL not your life nor salvaging what happens to you on this earth to avoid death; the flesh has mortality.

The Bible makes it clear to ask what does it profit us if we focus on our earthly flesh and lose our soul to hell.

Enduring unto the end means staying resolute in your faith in Christ. Standing firm in the ideals of what you have come to believe for and not for considering what you will eat, wear, what the world thinks about you to the neglect of what the Father thinks about you.

Christianity is not a religion as compared to all others is a FAITH, and with faith you are so fixated on the saviour and not bothered what all things around you throw at you. Your part is to Endure unto the End and let your Faith in Him do the saving.

The Father, the Son and certainly the Divine Spirit never forsakes their own, yours is to be steadfast for out of that situation comes restoration to the glory of yourself and God.

Pray for the Grace to Endure…Be guided by His Divine Wisdom through the Holy Spirit to Endure unto the end and He will surely save You.

God bless you.

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