Envy Pushes Us To Do Better


Envy Pushes Us To Do Better – Have you ever felt jealous of a person’s good news? Maybe even a tad unhappy. Don’t lie, we have all been there one time at least.

Envy Pushes Us To Do Better
Envy Pushes Us To Do Better

I think it stems not from a place of hate itself but a place of insecurity, a place of discontent with yourself. It is not wrong to feel that way.

What is wrong is not realizing why you’re feeling that way which can make you feel like a bad person to yourself. And if you constantly tell yourself that you’re a bad person, you’ll become that which you constantly affirm.


Back to topic, these feelings are not uncommon you learn that someone you know is doing well, maybe you even started together and they are doing better than you.

This brings about a feeling of disappointment in yourself. Disappointment in yourself makes you feel sad, which then leads you to resent the person who is making you feel that way.

Envy Pushes Us To Do Better
Envy Pushes Us To Do Better

But I’m telling you, it is a natural reaction. It is not that you’re feeling it that is bad, it is getting lost in it and not looking at the full picture.

Envy is what pushes a lot of us to do better. If we were never envious of another person, if we didn’t feel lesser in some moments, we’ll never take the steps to improve our own lives or do the things that we should do to elevate ourselves.

Envy is very important, what we must realize is that envy should be a force pushing us from behind and not standing in front of us.

It is a powerful feeling. When you let it push you and you’re able to guide your steps with the realization that you don’t actually hate this person or their good news, you just want better for yourself too, that’s powerful. Especially in this fast-paced social media world.

It is not the normal tweets that get the highest retweets. The ones that do always have that “something” in them. And because we are bombarded with such days, it is easy to forget that that is not the natural order of things.

The natural order of this is that a lot of us are average at a lot of things and only really good at a few. But everything from every field that becomes popular on social media has the potential to invoke that same feeling of envy in us.

Envy Pushes Us To Do Better
Envy Pushes Us To Do Better

You’re a fish envious of how well a monkey can climb a tree. Maybe you’re even a monkey, but monkeys have different capabilities based on breed. But seeing these people from all walks of life, doing it so well and getting attention for it makes you feel inadequate about yourself.

And you get bombarded with it for long enough, you start to believe everyone else is special except you because that is all you see. That’s what you’re exposed to.

The tweets of normal people, doing normal things that get maybe 5 retweets doesn’t grab the attention like that “something” that gets thousands of retweets

You’re exposed to that so much, you start feeling like you’re a bum. But you’re not a bum, the normal tweets or normal actions that take place and that people do are way more, I mean the gap is not even close than those special things that garner attention.

You must realize this and not let yourself be caught up in your feeling of inadequacy and envy. Most people are just as average as you, you even do better than a lot. You’re not a bum, you’re just normal.

But if you never had that feeling of envy, you will not get the will power to do anything special too.

Look at yourself anytime you have that feeling and say to yourself “Ato Kwamena from Twifo Praso (or whatever your name is, it is okay to feel this way, you’re not hateful, you just want better for yourself). Affirm this every time.

Don’t get lost in this world where you think everyone and everything is special because that’s what you’re constantly exposed to because that’s what gets the attention. It is a utopia in a way.

If we were all special and incredibly gifted, you’d think someone would have found the cure for COVID-19 by now so I can have better things to do with my time than inspire strangers on the internet.

Envy pushes us to better!

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