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Ghostek NRGsolar Backpack Review On Sophlix
You must not be a techie to fall in love with this Ghostek backpack :)We’ve seen innovations from all corners of the tech world but this one is not just any other kind on innovation. This is the sort that “Make Your Life Better” rather than complicate it. The Ghostek NRGsolar Backpack by Ghostek is an asset that you need to buy trust me. It has no restrictions on it’s usage and i also see it as a unisex “Gadget”

Here’s The Ghostek NRGsolar Backpack Review & Buyers Guide

The Ghostek NRG bag is a slightly different take on a regular laptop bag as there is a battery built into the backpack. If that isn’t the icing on the top of the cake, the entire design of the bag is quite smart.

We weren’t completely sold on the idea of a battery backpack but we’ve seen enough battery banks at coffee shops to know that spare power is going to be useful.

For our Ghostek NRG Bag Review, we’re giving this product two thumbs up. This is a great upgrade from your standard laptop bag, is a must for a mobile worker but it might not be as practical for certain students and it has a posture problem. We’ll elaborate in a bit.

Ghostek’s NRGbag water resistant backpack will power your travels

Innovation is characterized by incorporating different forms of creativity where one would not expect.

When mobile phone makers implemented camera features, that was innovative. Social networking was innovative. The creation of handheld devices that carry a library of books to be read on demand – i.e. e-readers – was innovative.

These landmark designs, and the spirit of innovation, is the epitome of western culture. The merging of technological advances with objects that seem to be mundane is how innovation happens.


These landmark innovations hold the same character and spirit that has developed the new Ghostek NRGbag.

Product Details

Ghostek NRGbag Water-Resistant Backpack with Removable 7,000mAh Battery

Sleek Design
  • Compact backpack with room for books, papers, and personal item
  • Adjustable shoulder straps and top carry handle
  • Futuristic LEDs display current battery level
Removable Battery
  • 7,000mAh battery with USB port recharges compatible smartphones, e-readers, and mobile devices on the go
  • Can be adapted for micro-USB or Apple products
  • Water-resistant AC charging port
  • Battery made from lithium polymer and lithium-ion DC 12
  • DC5.0V+-2 when empty
  • USB output: 2,000mAh
  • Charges at a speed of approx. 800mAh
  • Approximate lifetime: 1,000 charges
  • Product dimensions: 18.5”x14”x2.5”

In the box: NRG backpack, 7,000mAh built-in battery, USB cables, battery charger, and user’s manual.

There is power emanating from the NRGbag

That is not a metaphor – it’s in there. Most backpack owners are pleased by a bag that will merely hold all of the things that they need to carry.

If there is a special pouch for their laptop or laptop, they will be particularly impressed. If it is both spacious and ergonomic, the consumer will consider it to be a worthy backpack.

Well, that is like saying a 1990 Lincoln is a good car. That may have been a good car in its time, but the newer models have surpassed it. Similarly, the NRGbag has rendered other backpacks that do not implement this tech obsolete.

For you to plug your tablet into your backpack is to ride a wave of the future. It comes equipped with multiple USB cords, so that the you can plug in your favorite e-reader or smartphone.


This will be particularly convenient during travel, whether on a bus or train or flying. It will also be convenient when you have a lot to do throughout the course of a day. If you are traveling from classroom to classroom, you might not find a port to charge your phone.

You obviously do not want to clutter your desk with your laptop and two or three devices tangled up in a bunch of USB cords. It would be much more convenient if you could just plug it into your backpack.

The bag also has an external indicator of remaining battery power. With a battery that boasts a 7,000mAh capacity and 25.9W of power, this backpack will sustain all your devices throughout the day.


Durability for days

Of course, all of this electricity in your backpack raises a few serious challenges. Suppose you live in Florida or somewhere else where it rains all of the time. If you do not have a durable backpack, the water will seep through and ruin all of your books.

You are quite familiar with this problem, and you have always opted for a waterproof backpack. Well, the developers of the NRGbag have prepared for that contingency.

The bag itself is water-resistant. You will not want to heave it into the ocean, but it will be durable through most threatening weather conditions.

The era of plain, old, mundane backpacks has come to a close, a thing of the past. The innovations in backpack technology demonstrated in the NRGbag are just far too impressive to ignore.

  • You can buy your own NRGbag from Ghostek right here.

Customer Reviews

Bryan R. Verified Purchaser
May 12th, 2016
Great bag. Very sturdy and stylish. I love the layout of the pockets. Charges my phone really fast. The only reason I give it 4 stars is because it didn’t have instructions and has a USB port that I can’t figure out what it’s for. It also has the iPhone 4 and micro USB cables connected which is annoying because I don’t have an iPhone so I can’t tuck the cable away.

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