God restores the Crushed Spirit


God restores the Crushed Spirit – Money solves everything? Make no mistakes, money cannot restore the broken-hearted or one whose spirit is crushed. Except the WORD of GOD.

God restores the Crushed Spirit

‘The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit. ‘ Psalms 34:18

The LORD through His Spirit filled WORD can reset everything. Nothing happens outside the word of God, because the Word as it is, is surely fulfilled by Him who says it. Have you never seen wealthy and the rich suffer heart break, depression and emotional trauma? Had money any influence, won’t they have bought an injection that pumps joy into their homes and hearts?

The power of God’s word livens, rejuvenates and restores – A word so strong.

Being broken hearted, particularly crushed in spirit does not mean all is lost, The LORD and His word is ever close and that is your Salvation. In a crushed spirit state, opens the door for the LORD’s acceptance of your sacrifices – Read Psalm 51:17.

Father LORD, grant me the understanding of your words that I may find rest and comfort therein.

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