How to Check Fuliza Mpesa Limit.


Fuliza Mpesa limits range from ksh 0 – 70,000.In this article we will show you how to check your Fuliza Limit and How to grow Fuliza Limit.

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How to Check Fuliza Mpesa Limit.

1. Dial *234#

2. Select Option 0 [Fuliza Mpesa]

3. Choose Option 1 [ My Fuliza Limit ]

4. Mpesa will immediately send you your Fuliza Limit via Text.

How to Grow Your Fuliza  Limit.

We have 2 simple tips that will gradually increase your Fuliza Overdraft Limit.

  1. Always repay your Fuliza Mpesa Loans on time. Paying on time will increase your trust worthiness and Safaricom will be comfortable giving you higher limits cause they believe you’ll eventually pay them.
  2. Use Mpesa services frequently.

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