How to earn more from your YouTube channel.


Videos, meme’s, live events all found on YouTube whenever you need them. This is a paying job for those producing and uploading those YouTube videos. But it is too unfortunate that some of them earn less or even nothing at all from their channels.

The number of YouTube channels grows rapidly every new day. Users discovers the power of YouTube channels that is, the ability for one to earn by monetizing their videos. You need to know that there is a lot needed for you to earn from your YouTube channel(s); that is why I decided to share the five things that has helped me gain more from my YouTube channel.

For you to start a YouTube channel there are some requirements and factors to consider. One, you need a Gmail account that is used to integrate YouTube and google AdSense (the monetization partner). Then you also need to identify the backbone reason of starting the channel. To do that you are required to identify a problem and then start producing videos that solves the problems. You will have a targeted audience that will be coming to get solutions to their problems frequently. They will gain trust in you which will lead them to subscribing to your channel and commenting; that way you will be set to start earning from your YouTube channel.

Let’s jump to work now… here are five ways I increase my chances of earning more on my YouTube channel.

  1. Quality video/audio


This is self-explanatory I can say! You must produce a good product that your clients/users will love automatically. For this case, you do not expect your viewers to struggle viewing your videos while they can find more other clear ones on other channels.

You need clear videos most probably HD version (that is 720 and above). When producing your clips, put into consideration all aspects of people. From the young, elderly, those with good vision and also those with eyes defects.

You need quality videos…I don’t know how many times I have to repeat that but trust me; you need quality videos to earn good cash on YouTube. There are many tools to accomplish this; as always technology has got our backs.


This is another important aspect to consider when you are producing your YouTube clips. Keep in mind that vision and audio always work together (just like a brother and sister). So after we have finished polishing the videos, you need to check on your audio part now. People need to hear what you are saying or you will never see them again! You don’t want that of course. The tools to accomplish this are more of the same with video editing tools. Some of them are: Sony vegas, Adobe after effects, Microsoft video editor and many more.

  1. Go direct to the point.

I will start by being rude in a decent way; I don’t have the whole day to figure out what you are trying to mean.

You need to be brief but clear to the point. Plan your script so well that you will deliver all the required message in the shortest time possible. I advise this way because I want you to consider your viewers more. Yes they need the information that you are providing but also remember too much is not good sometimes. If you have a long piece of clip, I would suggest you cut it into sections (part 1, 2 etc.)

You see, most users log on to YouTube when in school, work or while driving/walking for learning or most especially confirming something…a very minimal number of them watch clips on YouTube while relaxed at home. Therefore it would be so appropriate if you loaded a 25 minutes clip expecting someone to watch it frequently while driving.

Am not saying that long clips are not good but I mean there will be more people watching a seven minutes video that is understandable and straight to the point than a 15 minutes and above clip that is still buffering!

  1. Have organized clips.

There is one word I dislike when dealing with clients or users on my sites, that is “boring!” believe me, you do not want your viewers ever bored with your clips because that will be the last time you are seeing them. And no one wants that of course.

It possible for your viewers to get bored due to many factors including not having clear videos and audios, biting round the bush and not having organized clips. With the height of technology I don’t see why anyone should have those boring clips anymore. Add taste to your videos, add effects that will bring positive insight to your viewers. Be careful not to spam them too much just because tech has your back.

  1. Follow terms and conditions.

This is a point I had to include whatsoever. Trust me, you never want your channel to be suspended for any reason because one, you will lose your current earnings and also earn less after recovery.

I am saying this from experience. I created my channel for testing if I can really make money on YouTube. I uploaded some clips of ladies shacking their a** so badly because I believed that’s what a lot of users searched for on YouTube. Within a couple of weeks, I had already earned $6+ and was happy to see that. I continued adding the same content that I got from other channels something that led my channel to suspension.

I managed to recover it back but the losses are too much to bare. The few dollars I had made were all canceled because I never followed simple rules (no duplicating peoples content). Also after recovering from the suspension, I have not been able earn as much as I used to.

That means when you are suspended, you will lose all your current earnings and after you manage to recover, you will not be able to earn as much as you did there before. So take care and produce your quality, original content.

  1. Share, share and share.

This is so much simple but a lot people still get it all wrong. You do not make clips for you to watch but for your audience. And your audience will not come looking for you before you present yourself to them appropriately.

By sharing I mean marketing; spreading the word about your channel so that interested and convinced users can come running to view, like and subscribe to your channel. Make good use of social media sites like Facebook, twitter, google+, linkedIn and many more.

I always say, more shares are equivalent to many views, while many views are equivalent to more money.


A YouTube video should be approximately ten minutes. Let’s take an example of a programmer during a 45 minutes lunch break. He wants to know how to use bootstrap; so he will log on to YouTube and search for “creating a website with bootstrap.” He will get a list of responses but most definitely because of time he will choose the shorter clip with a lot of views; which will enable him to watch more than one or repeat if he never understood.

So even if you had one amazing clip on the same topic, the viewer would have ignored it just because of length, views (clear video/audio are watched more), not being organized and having a duplicate video which he knows from somewhere else.

I will finish by adding this; consistency contributes a lot. If you upload one video and relax there will be no good money for you.

How much do you earn from your YouTube channel?

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