How to make money on Facebook in Kenya

making money with facebook

How to Make Money on Facebook in Kenya – Legitimate Methods

Yippeee! Yes, you can make money on Facebook.
Just like you, I love Facebook and I am almost always online checking out what’s the latest out there.

However, did you know that you can make money on Facebook?
I am not talking about things I’ve read online. I’ve actually done a real case study on this and come up with my personal data, findings and methods.

Here is a brief conclusion of my month and a half study into Facebook marketing.
I created a whole new product, marketed it mainly through Facebook and here are the results. Below that you’ll see how you can do it yourself.

Product – Top Level Freelancing and Internet Marketing in Kenya (An eBook on genuine, legitimate ways that people can become top freelancers and internet marketers). I’ve not yet even advertised this product on my site (at the time of writing).

Price – Sh. 1,000
Method used – Facebook Page, Facebook Groups, Facebook Profile, Facebook Advertising, giving free offers and price discounts and eventually converting using my mailing lists
Expenses on Ads – $50 (approx. Sh. 4300)
Mailing lists used to attract and convert leads– FreelancerKenya, KenyaOnline and Job Alerts.

Giving genuine, free information, products and job alerts through these mailing lists but also pitching sales through them.
Sales – 66 copies sold
Money earned over 1.5 months – Approximately Sh. 50,000 net (there were different offers and discounts).
Additional benefits – I made genuine friends (we’re even starting a company), sold my training, helped people to find jobs and sold other services.

Remember this…
One thing that you need to always remember is the fact that for you to make real money on Facebook, you need to be out there to help people and make friends.

If you make it all about the money then you may not make much. But if you focus on helping people sort out their problems, you will develop excellent solutions that will make you good cash.

After testing different methods below are some of the best ways you can make money on Facebook, some very specific to the Kenyan market.
1. Create a Product
The first way of making money anywhere is having something to sell. This can be in form of offline products, digital products, training or services.

Over the case study period, I have seen people selling different things on Facebook and some of the products that have been moving like hotcake include:
• Data bundles – Buying huge bundles from Safaricom then creating smaller denominations that you can sell.

• eBooks – Writing an eBook that tackles a problem

• Likes – Getting paid to drive likes to Facebook pages

• Advertising – Learning how to do Facebook ads and then offering ad creation as a service. You can also earn from driving traffic to your own products through Facebook ads.

• Fashion – Get a source of quality fashion items. Ladies and baby stuff tend to do well.

2. Sign up to an email marketing program
Some may be wondering what email marketing has to do with Facebook.

Here is the deal.
People do not join Facebook to buy things. People generally join Facebook to stay connected with their friends, families and interest groups. Therefore, this makes Facebook a great site to offer soft solutions as opposed to selling stuff.

Personally, I use Aweber for email marketing. GetResponse is a worthy alternative.
Over the last 2 months, I have collected approximately 898 leads out of Facebook, most who have bought my stuff or used my services.

Some have just benefited from the free information I post and we’ve made friends. Unfortunately others have unsubscribed for different reasons since it’s easy to unsubscribe any time.

Through these mailing lists, I give free, genuine advice to the people on my mailing list.

Of course once in a while I do marketing blasts.
Whenever I sell a product, 80% of my buyers come from my mailing list. In fact, research shows that email marketing gives back more than $30 for every $1 invested.
I fully agree and have experienced this.

3. Give free stuff
As I told you, you are trying to build friendships and help people solve their problems.

But first, you need to win their TRUST.
Therefore, you may have to create a free product that you can be giving so that people can join your mailing list. This is the link you’ll be sharing on Facebook with people who want more information.

I personally use my eBook called “How to Create a Blog that Will Make You Money” to get people to my mailing list.
After that I use an optimized auto-responder sequence (series of emails) that give free, useful information before I sell anything. This helps me to build trust, friends and to get a good market for future products.

4. Join engaged groups
As I said up there, in Kenya we have our own way of doing things.

If you study out other international blogs taking about Facebook monetization, they’ll say you make money using Facebook pages. However, in Kenya you can make much more money using Facebook Groups!

I will keep reminding you that your main aim is not looking for money, but rather to make friends and solve problems. You’ll solve some problems for free and charge for others. More than 50% should be free
There are many Kenyan groups on Facebook but here we are interested in two kinds of groups that you’ll find in Kenya.

Discussion groups
These are groups that are mainly focused on discussing ideas and not selling products. In such groups, you are not allowed to post advertisements.

Some soft ads may be overlooked by the admins but hard sale adverts are usually pulled down and in most cases the users are blocked and banned from the groups.

Therefore if you join such a group, make sure you purely share ideas and not adverts and you’ll be safe.
The question may then be, how do you make money in such Facebook groups?
Simply answer. Post, comment and share about your expertise.

I personally answer questions on making money online. After doing it for a few weeks, I easily get referred to as the go-to-guy on matters of online business.
That’s your aim, be the go-to-guy for something.
People will soon start asking if you can train them. This way, you can easily sell them the product that you created above.

Examples of such groups are Business Ideas 101 and Kenyan Freelance Writers Mastermind. Remember that in these groups if you post ads you may be banned.

If you ask me, these are the real cash cows of Facebook in Kenya. As long as you’re considered the go-to-guy, you’ll be getting constant referrals and constant income from members of these groups, despite the fact that you’re not advertising.

To optimize sales, strive to post two extremely engaging ideas and accept all friend requests from these groups. When posting ideas, post stuff that will require many people to comment.

This way your post will remain on top and you’ll get more leads. Since you accept and send requests to members, they will always be notified whenever you post and they’ll increase your chances of getting leads and sales.

In fact, if you are to get banned, you will still have the friends you made here as your Facebook friends and in your mailing list, so you’ll still have a chance to convert them to customers.

Also remember to make friends with all the idea-leaders in your industry. Genuine friendships with them will ensure that you have their backs and they have yours whenever you have “online beefs” or issues with admins.

Remember to befriend admins, follow the rules, share ideas and convert those who ask you about your products and services. Also offer free stuff which you share through your mailing lists since mailing lists create real friends and repeat buyers.

Market-related groups (The Sokos)
These are purely selling groups.
They mostly have the word “Market” or “Soko” in them.
Some of the groups that you can look for include “Online Soko”, “Soko Kuu”, “Soko ya Facebook” etc. Simply go to Facebook and search for any of these and you’ll be given tones of related groups.

I am not a big fan of these since posts “die” quickly. They are just jungles of advertisements. Once you post yours, another one posts theirs and yours keeps going down and down.

Most of the people there are sellers and not buyers.
However, Kenyans still make lots of cash from these groups.
What you do here is you still accept all friend requests so that friends can be notified when you post stuff.

Since they are market related, go ahead and post direct advertisement of your products or services.
There is little engagement in these groups meaning you’ll need to keep posting severally, at least twice a day for you to be getting constant customers.

I personally did not convert a single soul from this method, but through my research I found out that there are guys who get customers through this. In my opinion, this method takes a lot of time and repeat postings of the same thing.

Avoid conmen…
Note that there are many conmen in these groups so make sure you do some homework before you buy stuff. Below are some guidelines I give:
• Pray hard that you never get conned
• Avoid dealing with startups (remember the old statistic that 90% of new businesses fail)
• MLMs have a low success rate (if you are really committed you’ll make it but don’t join blindly)
• Don’t take discussions to inboxes then buy “life-changing, revolutionary stuff” only to find that they are fake
• Talk to people online and offline before you close a deal
• Do not be a conman yourself
• You can not get rich quick overnight so avoid people saying, “For an idea that will make you a millionaire next month, inbox please” or something similar.

5. Make money through your Facebook page
Sorry to say this but new Facebook algorithms are totally de-ranking Facebook pages.
This means that whenever you post something on your Facebook page, only a very small percentage of people will see it. These numbers will keep going down but by the last Facebook update, posts on Facebook pages only reach 9% of those who like the page. According to Facebook, these numbers will keep decreasing.

And you wonder why shrewd Kenyans are now joining Facebook groups where engagement is much higher.
Now to make money through your Facebook page, you can do the following:
• Post likeable and shareable stuff – Facebook uses EdgeRank to determine which posts will be visible first whenever someone logs into Facebook. The more people like, comment or share your stuff, the more visible you’ll be.

• Don’t always write marketing posts – Yes, sometimes you may need to write funny stuff, post interesting images and quotes among others. This way, the increased engagement will increase visibility of your posts. In fact, top marketers combine fun and business. This is where you have a funny, likeable photo but in the text you include a call to action for your product or mailing list.

• Use it for lead generation – Post a lot of stuff that will make people want to join your mailing list. Once they join your list it will be easier for them to become future clients. For example, I recently got a lot of people joining my job alerts mailing list from Facebook, some of whom are now great friends and customers. In this mailing list, I help writers find genuine writing jobs.

• Sponsor your marketing posts – Note that it’s better to use pages to add people to your list than to buy directly. However, you can still market your products or services directly and laser-target your customers. E.g. if you’re selling nice ladies shoes, you can target women between ages 21 and 40 who like Prada, Manicure, Spa, Gucci and Louis Vuitton. Note that these are not all shoes but ladies who buy Prada bags are likely to buy Gucci shoes.

• Use apps – You can use eCommerce apps to have people join your mailing list or even buy your stuff directly from Facebook. Simply look for a person specializing in Facebook apps and he’ll create one for you.

• Events – Whenever you host events, make sure you create a Facebook event and invite all your friends. As the go-to-guy for your subject area, you likely have many friends who would like to pay and come to such an event.

6. How to earn from your Facebook profile
Yes, you can also make money from your Facebook profile.

If you have followed the above steps, most likely you have joined different Facebook groups and made genuine friends in your subject area. For example, I accept all friend requests and therefore have many friends in four categories:
1. Those looking to be inspired with spiritual posts

2. Those who want to improve their marriages and parenting

3. Those who suffer from mental health conditions and are part of our Nairobi USP-Kenya Support Group where I am chairman and board member

4. Those who want to make money online
The first three above are more of volunteer stuff that I do for no pay.
The last one gets me lots of customers and the first three gets me lots of good online friends.
Once you have many friends in different categories, here is how you will earn:

Do not always directly advertise
Look at the three examples below:
“Buy my eBook on making money online”
“Ask me anything on making money online, today I am giving free information”
“Is online freelancing dead? No one seems to be making enough online nowadays”
Of the three examples, Facebook will likely favor the third example. It will get people on their toes. Those making money online will defend online freelancing while those who don’t know what it is will ask questions.

Therefore EdgeRank will keep your post above others and you’ll be able to pitch your sale to some of your commenters who are thirsty for information, products, training and services.

I learnt this trick from “The Art of Social Media Marketing” by Larry Keya. A friend I got from Business Ideas 101 (group on Facebook) though we’d talked here at some point.Check out the useful links below to see how you can get this book.

Yes, I buy stuff from other freelancers as long as it is something worth the value.
Don’t be all business
As you have seen on the info about my profile above, I post different things.
Facebook users prefer someone who is human. Someone who feels with them, is current on the news, has a sense of humor and generally has a life.

Therefore, talk about all sorts of things then once in a few days, introduce a topic that will get you leads and sales.
Advertise the benefits
Whenever you want to advertise any product, start with the benefits.
People at the end of the day need to know what they will benefit from your product. EdgeRank may not favor you much on this but you may make a few sales.

Post your blog links
Whenever you write a new blog post, make sure you post it on your Facebook profile.
Of course start with the benefits.
Inside the blog post, include affiliate links, calls to action, names of products and calls to add people to your mailing list. This way, some of your Facebook friends will turn into leads and eventually customers.

7. Affiliate marketing on Facebook
This is the worst I’ve seen on Facebook in Kenya.
People posting fake affiliate links.
I believe you’ve felt this too.
You see people posting fake links to or which are known scams which never pay their members. With such fake affiliate links, you end up wasting lots of time and even losing friends.
I’ve personally unfriended people who keep filling my inbox and timeline with such links despite me telling them that they are scams that will never pay.
You still need to do proper affiliate marketing on Facebook.

Below are some tips on how to do this:
• Join genuine affiliate programs e.g. Commission Junction, ShareaSale and or individual affiliate programs such as HostGator and BlueHost.

• Offer useful information related to the above programs e.g. you can talk about how web hosting is a pain. When people ask questions, ask them to join HostGator through your affiliate link.

• Don’t just go posting “naked” affiliate links everywhere.Talk about the benefits of what’s on the link.
• It’s always best to refer people to stuff that you have bought and used.

• It’s also good to inform them that you may get a commission should they use your link. Yes, if you use some links in this article I’ll get a commission.
• Strive to use your mailing list for conversions as opposed to Facebook.

8. Facebook Advertising
You can create Facebook ads to drive traffic to your product.
The best thing about Facebook is the fact that you can laser target your customers according to their age, sex and interests etc.
Simply look out for the “create ad” button on your homepage, click on it and create your ad.
Once you know how to create ads, walk into town, talk to different businesses and become their Facebook advertising expert. You can charge them anything from Sh. 3,000 per week for a job you’ll be doing for 30 minutes or so. If you’re good at it, they will be making much more from this.

In fact, I personally am a Facebook advertising expert and I earn from this as a side hustle!
For an excellent guide into Facebook advertising, see “useful links” below.

Useful Links
• SokoLangu Stores – Where you can buy different guides on social media and money online. Look out for my products there and Larry’s “Art of Social Media Marketing”. Here you can make money as an affiliate of my products and get paid automatically when you make a sale.
• Aweber – My preferred email marketing software which gets me lots of leads and sales
• GetResponse – An alternative email marketing software
• 101 Ways on Making Money on Facebook by my favorite writer Kristi Hines
• Job Alerts – My job alerts mailing list
• Download my free eBook called How to Start a Blog that will Make You Money
• Business Ideas 101 – Best Kenyan Facebook group for businessmen and women
• Kenyan Freelance Writers Mastermind – A Facebook group for freelance writers where I personally admin
• Top Level Freelancing and Internet Marketing in Kenya – Register in Soko Langu stores and buy the eBook from there. You can pay via card or M-Pesa.
• Here is a deep dive into Facebook advertising
• Download this guide as an eBook

If you follow the above methods, you can also easily make money leveraging on Facebook.
Feel free to ask questions below that are related to making money on Facebook. Also share this with all your friends. Additionally, feel free to drop your additional tips or just say hello. If you loved what you’ve read, join my mailing list for free updates. Once again, head to the comments section below and let me know what you think.

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