Best Tips For Writing Quality Articles That Will Drive Targeted Traffic and Money Your Way

how to write quality articles

Content is king; or should I say content is bae

This is a phrase that has been used countless times but it is as true as it reads. Without quality content you may be doing zero work and all your efforts might not bring results. If you are planning to start a blog or you already have one you should clearly understand that you have just accomplished one stage of blogging business; there are several more to come. But don’t tense, since I am always here to help in such time when you feel like you are totally out of ideas or you have done everything correctly but nothing seems to be working. In this post, I will be showing you how you can write quality articles that will organically bring traffic and money to your blog.

Before I jump right in, let me just pour out my soul and tell you the truth that might make you lose moral to continue. Blogging is not a shortcut to success, it is a journey. If you follow all the advice you have been reading here and from other great blogs and researching you might be on your way to success. But if want to just throw in words and hope to make money in the long run then you must be totally mistaken. So, follow my advice and do everything right then wait and see how success embraces you. I am not trying to hype anything by the way, just sharing facts.

Alright, with that out of the way let’s now hit the road and do what brought you here. How do you create quality blog posts that will pull as many readers to your blog and eventually help you make more money?

how to write quality articles

Why is quality content important?

Before I share the tips, it is best if i give you a vivid picture of what a cornerstone article is and then I will head on to show you how to make one. Here is how important a quality content is to your blog and/or business:

  1. It will bring you organic and high quality traffic (Most of it from Google and other search engines)
  2. It will help you make more money since most of the traffic will be targeted traffic. Which means mostly real prospects will land on your article hence it will be easy to convert them to buyers (Warm traffic)
  3. Google will take your work serious hence increase your rankings.
  4. You might land other writing gigs just because someone loved your article and would like to have the same high quality articles for their blogs or businesses.

Those are just some of the advantages of writing quality content for your blog. I might be sharing more as we continue.

How do I write quality articles that will bring me traffic and money?

I know it is usually not advisable to focus more on the money aspect of your blogging business when starting, but I am just being natural. We all need to make money at the end of all the hustle right? So, trust me, the writing tips I will be sharing with you will help you increase your earning abilities too. With that said, here is how you write quality content for your blog.

  • Research your niche and brainstorm ideas
  • Create your title
  • Create your outline
  • Write a first draft
  • Review, improve, edit proofread.

Research your niche and brainstorm ideas

The best way to begin is by heading over to Google so that you can see what kind of similar information as the one you are planning to write is out there. This is very important simply because you want to produce a more advanced and a high quality post than what is already out there. Otherwise, if you just write anyhow then it will no longer be a cornerstone article hence might bring in less to zero results.

So, here is what you need to do. Type your seed keyword on the Google search bar and go through the first ten results that you will get (I am serious, read all of it)

Note those with high quality content then do an advanced search to find more related blog posts that they have covered. To do that, type this advanced search operator on the search bar:

site: keyword (to limit your search results to a specific website)

When you are done reading all the ten articles plus those from the advanced search query, you will have a clear picture of your competition. So, again before you proceed ask yourself another question. Can you produce a more high quality than what you have just read? If your answer is yes, then that is a very big green light. You can now proceed to the next step.

To keep track your small research, copy and paste all the pieces of good information that you have found into a separate document. Save the links and images that interests you too and add your own thoughts and ideas.

NOTE: we are not plagiarizing anything here since this is not the actual article. We are just researching and saving things for later reference since we don’t want to go back online every time we need to check some points.

Create your title

Now you have a clear idea of how your content should look. What you should include and what you should exclude for you to end up with one high quality and original article. Now here is where some tough work is. But don’t tense, I will guide you through every step and you will see how easy it is. If you master the steps that I will show you the better since it will even your future projects so easy.

Remember when we searched for the ten articles? We got them on page one of Google right? So, here is the trick that many people skip hence end up failing.

Keyword research.

If you do your keyword research correctly, you will be on your way to hitting page one of Google in just a few months to come. But if you go ahead and write your article with only the information that we found earlier, you will end up reinventing the wheel instead of innovating something that Google will fall in love with and recommend it to its users.

Since the title is what people will see when they search on Google, it will be important if the seed keyword is placed in the title. By this I mean, if your seed keyword is “sleeping bags” then your title should read something like “5 best sleeping bags for kids” (I just gave you an article idea if you are in the sleeping niche)

Here is how to do a quick keyword research:

  1. Brainstorm as many keywords as possible (even the ones your competition uses)
  2. Head over to and create an account (It is free, don’t panic)
  3. After logging in to your account, hover over tools and choose keyword research
  4. Then, type your target seed keywords that you had brainstormed one by one (the hoth will give you suggestions that are just the best)
  5. Have a list of your best picks from the suggestion that you have gotten from the hoth. Put into consideration the search volume each suggestion has before picking it. (You don’t want a low competition keyword with zero monthly searches)
  6. Head over to Google to check competition for the keywords that you have selected. You will do this by checking how many people have the exact keyword on the title. Use these search string: “allintitle:keyword” (without the quotation marks) do that for all the keywords you had filtered.
  7. Now check the number of results each keyword has. I like to go for any keyword with 100 and below. That will get you a seed keyword that you are sure you can push it to page one of Google in a very short duration.

That’s it. You now have a low competitive keyword that you can target for greater results.

Create your outline

Creating an outline will save you a ton of time. Having a well-organized article is quick and easier to write. It is also interesting for your readers so they will stay longer on your site since they get motivated to read more and take whatever you are saying serious. Without an outline you might get stuck or go out topic.

The three major elements of any article are the introduction, the body and the conclusion. To help you master the flow of the three elements, here’s a quick formula I use: tell your readers what you are going to say, say it, then remind them what you just said. It sounds a little confusing but it is the best practice of content creation. It actually makes everything clear and helps in reminding your readers of the key points they should take out of your article.

So if it is a product you are promoting. When writing the review, you will introduce the product, then give more information about the product in the body section the finally conclude by reminding them of the important point you have talked about and the action you need them to take.

Write your first draft

The hard and time consuming part is done, now we just putting things in order so that we can have our cornerstone article done. Now it is time to write the first draft. Fill in details of your outline and write one to three paragraphs under each point. If you have more ideas flowing, the better. Pour all your heart in and make sure to not leave anything out.

The best way to do it quick is to flow and just concentrate on the keyboard. Do not worry about typos and grammatical errors at this point since well take care of that later on.

Review, improve, edit proofread.

You are almost done writing your cornerstone article.

Now you will need to reread the entire article slowly, fixing any errors that you will see as you go. Then you are going to reread it again checking if each paragraph makes sense. If it does not, you will need to rewrite or expand the paragraphs for it to be clear to the readers.

Read it again, for the third time looking for strong points that you should put more emphasis on. If some points are weak, just go ahead and remove them. You can replace those with relevant facts or case studies and resources.

Now, make an editing pass. Read the entire article for flow and clarity, go through it sentence by sentence to make sure that everything is clear and every point is explained accordingly.

Finally, read it one more time to fix grammar, spelling and punctuation errors. You can now proof-edit and your article is good to go.


Pat yourself on the back before I even conclude.

You have come a long way and I can confidently tell you that if you follow the steps I have given above, then you are just a step away from your cornerstone article that Google will love and put it on page one so that their readers may enjoy it too.

I don’t usually write such long blog posts as you know, but since I was talking about quality content it could only be fair if I was a good example. So there you go, that is how you write quality articles that drives targeted traffic and money to your blog. Put the points to practice, especially the keyword research part and you will start seeing results.

Another thing you should know is that even if you do everything correctly, you might not see much results if you do it once and then you relax. You need to be very consistent with your work since Google loves up-to-date blogs. So stay on the look and give Google + Your readers what will excite them and the sky will be your limit.

Thank for staying around until the end. Do you have any questions or clarifications on something you didn’t quite understand well? Just drop them on the comments section below and I will gladly explain it to you.

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