How To Increase Your Restaurant/Pizzeria Sales Within 90 Days

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This is how I grew my pizzeria sales from $12,000 to $149,000 a month, and how you can benefit from the same three income and growth drivers in your own business starting immediately.

You’re competing in a world of coupons and Groupons where anyone can sign up with a basic email provider, deliver a blizzard of mindless discounts and train customers to spend less. The question we should be asking is how can we get customers to spend more. Hi, my name is Kamron Karington and I bought a run-down pizzeria one night while on a phone call to get tickets to the Rolling Stones. Go figure. Anyway, half the crew quit the very first day, the walk-in cooler crapped out, and I quickly realized just how fast a 600-degree oven can remove the skin. But over the course of three short years, I increased sales from $12,000 a month to $149,000 a month by doing the exact opposite of what my competitors were doing. it was a very exciting ride. let’s get to it.

There are three ways you can immediately take your sales into the Jetstream high above all the noise down here.

  1. Customer Spending Potential.

Everyone has a certain price they’re comfortable paying for something. Bob is happy to spend $25 when he’s hungry. Sally’s more frugal. $15 is her limit. Cookie-cutter marketing is completely dumb to this. It treats all customers the same and here’s the problem… a $20 offer has Bob spending $5 less than he would have. And Sally ends up going somewhere else. So you end up with $20 instead of $40. Worse, you’re conditioning Bob to spend less… and you may never see Sally again. Today’s smarter marketing solves this because it learns each customer’s spending potential and it adapts the offer to the customer. So instead of over discounting Bob, we send him a $25 deal and instead of losing Sally’s business to your competitor she gets a $15 deal… but on terms favorable to you. Now you have $40 in your pocket instead of $20. With thousands of Bob’s and Sally’s this adds up fast.

2. Customer Buying Cycle.

People don’t buy when you feel like advertising. They buy when the timing’s right for them. So an email blast on Wednesday is awkwardly out of step with your customers’ natural buying cycle. That’s because you missed Bob. He’s a Tuesday buyer. And you’re early with Sally… she orders on the weekends. Out of sight out of mind. Our system knows when each customer is primed to buy, how much they’ll spend and what will bring them in. It then connects directly to a marketing engine that makes that happen. Offers create themselves, deliver themselves, and not based on some random marketing calendar but synchronized to each customers buying cycle… keeping you top of mind when customers are ready to spend. And think about this… a twice a month customer making just one more visit a month… that’s a 50% increase right there.

3. Customer Retention.

No matter how good your marketing is; every business loses customers. That’s unavoidable. So how do you protect what you’ve built and kept growing? Well, smarter marketing certainly minimizes churn but it will not eliminate it. Nothing will. But predictive analytics will greatly reduce it. It identifies which customers are at risk of defecting, and engages them before they do. It even notifies you when high-value customers show a declining purchase pattern. That way you can decide if additional outreach is needed. Many of our high-volume restaurants, pizzeria clients see upwards of $100,000 a year in recaptured revenue from this alone.

4. Marketing Automation.

So there you are. By combining data analytics, email marketing, loyalty, and automation… you get offers that make sense to people so they spend more. Arriving when they should so they visit more often, with a built-in retention strategy so you keep growing. Now you may be thinking all this big data marketing stuff might not work for you or it’s complicated and expensive… so let me be clear. This adapts to each customer’s buying pattern; it doesn’t get any better than this. It does this for you while you sleep… for about the cost of cable TV. Who Does This Help? 4:30: Now does this work for everybody? No. If you’re floating payroll on credit cards and you’re covering the rent out of your home equity line this is not your ticket and you should pass. But if you’re running a good solid business and you know it can be better… if you want to create an uncontested market share while these guys are fighting for crumbs… you should call or click right away. we’ll give you the details and then you can decide if this is… or is it -not right for you.

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