Internet Marketing and Its Effects on Online Business


Are you running an online business?

The internet has been a source of income to many in the recent days. It has reached a place where if your business can not be found online is the same as it doesn’t exist.

Though not everything goes well; online business too has some effects that comes with it. I am going to share some internet marketing tips and its effects on online business.

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Internet marketing and its effects on online business

There was an era when salesmen were seen as the prime and to an extent only important essential in product marketing schemes. Sooner it led to market competition and various creative methodologies were adopted for the same.

What did not change were the basic available resources.

It was all a ground work and how much they would have wanted; paper and people seem to be only available assets. However, with the advent of internet and the onset of digital age, the landscape saw a complete overhaul.

Internet Marketing On Rise

Today’s tech savvy generation is in lookout for instant options for their demands.

Platform like Yahoo, Google etc have brought information on silver platter. Industries and corporate have realized the potential internet has brought along with it in terms of revenue. Today, even a ‘brick and mortar’ company understands what difference it will make to them simply with the online presence.

Internet Marketing and Industry Revenue

One of the most crucial aspects of internet marketing is its cost effectiveness. It is so cheap that it has become business imperative.

A simple yet creative marketing scheme will take an interactive website and promotion strategy. There has been a steady rise in the demand of tech savvy people who can help the corporate in expanding their online presence.

The positive result that this internet marketing scheme has brought along with itself has turned industry-consumer interactions into real time.

There are various components that need to be carefully considered before starting such a campaign:

  1. Availability of a user friendly website that provides easy access to company’s resources and products.
  1. An innovative promotional strategy that is not only competitive as per market standards but is also in sync with company’s future expectations
  1. Attention to Search Engine Optimization and content marketing. They seem to have joined at the hip in recent years. Where on one hand, SEO will be the technical aspect of the company’s website; it is the content that should catch the user attention.
  1. Product mailers/regular newsletters and building consumer database.


Social Media and Visual Content

social media visual content

Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. have made real time marketing possible. An instant tweet of a product likeness, complaint or review can become viral and remain a topic of discussion for weeks. Businesses’ are exploiting this platform by creating campaigns that compel users to share it with their contacts.

With the existing pace of technology, loading graphics is becoming easier. The attention that any infographic or a video gets over a text heavy content is not open to argument. Internet marketing today has encouraged product marketing through various online portals, social media interactions and heavy visual content. This helps in dual purpose of product promotion and consumer feedback.

No wonder, internet marketing has changed the very face of businesses at a global change but the potential of this platform needs to be tapped for its effective utilization.


“if your business is not online, it will be the same as dead in five years to come” Sayed Johnson Mwakazi in a training some months ago.

I so much agree with him.

Try to tell someone of your business, or what you do… what you will realize is that they will first look online. Maybe by searching if you have a website, blog or on your social media profiles.

What do I mean by that?

You should do all you can to make sure your online presence can be felt. Brand yourself very well, optimize your sites and market your blog, social media profile/page(s).

Is your business online? is it paying?

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