Best Laptops For Hacking 2018

Best laptops for hacking 2018

Working with the best laptops for hacking 2018 is a complex process which involves the penetration through firewalls, breaking of passwords, decoding of encrypted programs, and multitasking with multiple processes and threads. It involves persistent trial and error methods which need to be completed within a short span of a few milliseconds or even microseconds.

handling of anonymity status. Protection from anti-spyware, intruder detectionand security alerts are the other critical tasks.

Using a laptop for hacking could be like trying to break through the Great Wall of China driving your car. efficiency. A good USB wireless adapter also plays good role while you practice hacking. Here is a list of Best Laptops for hacking 2018.

HP Pavilion 2018 Laptop

  • Processor: Intel core I-7 processor powers the HP Pavilion 2018 laptop. It can run a million calculations and run through the same permutation and combination of passwords and decoding procedures within seconds. The time interval between two multitasking processes is in Nano-seconds. The 8th generation processor can handle enormous volumes of data related to a remote server IP, database, and DDOS scripts. The processor can work with high-speed internet connections via Ethernet and Wi-Fi 801.11 b/g/n/ac standard connections.
  • RAM: 260+ pin RAM with 16GB capacity can store most of the dynamic coding, data, and results from the server. Coupled with 8MB cache, it can reach maximum connectivity speed with the processor.
  • Graphics: 4GB video memory withhigh-speedgraphics chip can display high-resolution images, videos, and text. Zero lag between processor, RAM, storage and display ensures complete synchronization of data processing, input, and output.
  • Storage: 512GB SSD can accommodate thousands of hacking apps with plenty of virtual memory to maximize the efficiency of every line of coding in them.
  • Cooling: Multiplehigh-speed fans and heat extraction systems can keep the processor, cache, and RAM cool and efficient. The system can run for hours and days without heating up. Hence, the efficiency and speed will be the highest throughout the working period.
  • OS: Windows-10 OS is compatible with the best hacking apps, programs and high-speed internet connection. It offers multi-level security for your laptop from malicious websites and servers. You can install and run multiple apps from the open source coding systems with no risk of latency.


  • Eight core Processor for top multitasking efficiency and speed
  • Vast memory and storage space
  • Faster data transfer between processor and RAM


  • Mouse touchpad is too sensitive

Dell i7577-7425BLK-PUS Inspiron

  • Processor: The 7th generation Intel I-X multi-core processor has the speed and efficiency to handle complex hacking algorithms. It can run multiple processes with a vast number of threads linked to more than one remote server. It has the inbuilt capacity to work at a high speed of 3.8GHZ to handle thousands of coding and scripting lines. The apps you install for firewall breaking, security decoding, and password breaking can run at twice the speed due to multi-core processor architecture. The most exciting feature of the processor is its capacity to tap the multiple bandwidth channels of Wi-Fi. It can balance the outbound and inbound traffic to boost the internet speed and efficiency.
  • RAM: 16GB RAM with 2-in-1 media card reader can take input from the processor, USB ports, SSD, and HDD storage space simultaneously. It is a critical aspect for boosting the performance level of the laptop. Data exchange rate is very high which helps you run tens of hacker apps and codes simultaneously. Switching time between multitasking is in milliseconds.
  • Storage: Dell i7577-7425BLK-PUS Inspiron is among our best laptops for hacking 2018 because of its ocean-like storage space of 1TB (1000GB). With Windows 10 as the primary operating system, the system has the best compatibility for installing open source hacking apps in thousands. The disk is split into primary and extended drives to store all the confidential data with security locking. The HDD can rotate at a speed of 5400RPM over an extended period to exchange dynamic data with the RAM and processor in real time. It offers sufficient virtual memory to enhance the script and thread execution speed by multiple times.
  • Graphics: 6GB graphics card can work in sync with the processor and RAM to generate HD graphics and video. You will need these features while working on decoding CAPTCHA, biometric reading systems, and other forms of graphical passwords. The display is always crystal clear with zero ambiguity.
  • Cooling: Best laptops for hacking 2018 like Dell Inspiron have high-performance heat sync systems. They can disperse the heat from the fast working processor, RAM, and HDD at a quicker rate than the heating process. Hence, the entire system remains at room temperature in spite of working in a non-air-conditioned environment.
  • OS:Compatibility between the processor and Windows-10 OS is the primary reason for the enhanced efficiency of Dell i7577-7425BLK-PUS Inspiron. It can handle the data from multiple processes and threads with maximum speed and efficiency. It has the capacity to allocate the processor time and RAM space intelligently based on tasking priority. You can see the complete list of processes, applications and threads running at every instance of time. Clarity of information is the primary reason which boosts the performance level of the system.


  • DDR4 RAM extendible up to 32GB
  • 7th generation multi-core processor
  • Dynamic Wi-Fi connectivity for maximum speed and bandwidth


  • No visible cons


  • Processor: Four independent cores can handle internet traffic, data processing, code running, process handling, and multiple threading simultaneously. Within each core is an embedded high-speed technology powered by the 4770HQ system. In effect, it can handle millions of threads in a minute to generate faster output. 22NM Lithography system has highly efficient logic gates with capacity for processing millions of records within a few seconds. It is the exact speed required to break through password-protected servers and firewall protected gateways. The Intel Core i7 Crystalwell, 2.2 GHzHence, the net speed of the processor is four times its base frequency.
  • RAM:16GB DDR3L RAM can operate at a speed of 1600MT/S. With 204 pin architecture and C-11 latency, the memory can handle buffered and non-buffered data with equal speed and efficiency. The average loading time required for each program is the least you can find among the memory systems of this class. On an average, it can handle large volumes of browsers, apps, and programs per minute. It is designed to work in perfect synchronization with the processor and cache memory to deliver enhanced performance.
  • Graphics: The Intel iris pro graphicscard has the fastest GPU which can work in sync with the processor to generate HD images and videos. It gives you a clear picture of the CAPTA and graphical password locking systems while breaking through secure servers and firewalls. It can generate high pixel data with near-zero latency from the processor and RAM. Hence, you can visualize the security systems architecture in real time.
  • Storage: 256GB SSD storage space is sufficient to host the maximum number of hacking apps, programs, and database systems. increasing the RAM capacity when handling Terra-bytes of data from the remote servers.
  • OS: TheAPPLE 15 INCH MACBOOK PRO LAPTOPis powered by Mac-OS-X. It is compatible with all the custom software, programs, and hacking apps available in 2018. It offers effective connectivity with smartphones and high-speed WiFi 801.11 b/g/n/ac.
  • Cooling: Inbuilt fans and heat sync systems can dissipate more than 98% of the heat generated from the laptop. The high-speed cooling system can work for days with the same level of efficiency.


  • Four core Intel I7processor for parallel processing
  • The 22NM Lithography system for multi-threading efficiency
  • DDR3L RAM speed 1600MT/S for reliable processing


  • No visible cons

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