Let’s talk about Animations.


We are living in a fast growing world especially in the area of technology. Everyone wants to be updated with the latest and trending topics all around the world. This has been achieved by the availability of reliable internet, information systems and blogs of course.

That said, you will agree with me that the tech industry is too wide but today we are going to talk about 3D animations. Let’s jump directly to work.

What is animation? It is Using drawings, computer graphics, or photographs of static objects to create moving images; Rapid display of a sequence of images. You could say animation is:

  • a visual poem
  • a moving painting
  • the invisible made visible

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This are the two types of animation we will cover:

  • 2D animation
  • 3D animation.

2D refers to the creation technique of using two dimensional drawings.

  • You can create 2d animation on computer and the defining difference is your working with a 2d canvas so the shapes you are using are flat just like if you where to draw it on paper.
  • Achieved by drawing sequence of frames then playing the sequence together at a predetermined speed.
  • A digital method of flipbook animation where visuals are created by drawing in a software.

3D refers the creation of the illusion of three dimensional space.

  • Created in a three dimension virtue world that works with the three axis “Z”, “Y”, “X”.
  • Can render images as realistic as real life images.

Different types of 2D and 3D

2D Animation 3D Animation
Feature films like “Pocahontas” and “lion king” Feature films like “Shrek”
Cartoons like “Dexter’s Labatory” News Montage
Advertisement Advertisement
Films titles Films titles
Enhancement of Films using green screen


What if we tried a little activity! I believe you have a clearer picture of what animation is now.
– Imagine what your name would look like in 2d and 3d and draw it on the two pieces of paper. (You can share it with us when you are done.)

Great let’s continue if you have completed yours, or you can also do it later on.


Animation is a Production

Production process.
Pre-production¡  Planning BudgetingStoryboardingScheduling ResearchPitchingCreating model sheet
Production¡  Implementation Drawing framesModelingTexturing/coloring


AnimatingRenderingVoice over recording
Post production¡  Compiling CompositingSound  designEditing RenderingPublishingDistribution


Here are some Skills needed for 2D and 3D animation.

  • Academic – finishing form 4 with C+ and above grades to get into schools
  • Creativity – Read a lot of story books
  • Patience
  • Kin observer
  • Spatial awareness
  • Build a good Portfolio
  • Drawing skills are preferably required for 2D especially
  • Good team work
  • you must be hard working
  • open minded and ready to learn
  • ready to discover


Before going to university getting a diploma and this will allow you to get skills and practice your animation as you study any other courses you might want to study. Professional animator will take you a life time because it’s all about practicing and discovering




 animation jobs

Selling your work

3D model market

  • A large market for 3D models (as well as 3D-related content, such as textures, scripts, etc.) still exists either for individual models or large collections.
  • Online marketplaces such as:
    • TurboSquid, The3DStudio, CreativeCrash, CGTrader, FlatPyramid, NoneCG, CGPeopleNetwork and DAZ 3D
  • It is best too to advance in both sides of tech too. Now that you are equipped with products and services I can also advice if you created your own platform where your clients can get you.
    It would be so great if you had your own blog/website to showcase your work and give more information on them and how people can reach you.
  • When I mention blogs/websites I cannot forget about microblogging that is social media. With the growth of social media platforms it is best if you could be active on one or two.
    Market yourself on them, create awareness, share quotes, tips and tricks to eventually create a community.

Over the last several years numerous marketplaces specialized in 3D printing models have emerged.

  • platforms are Shapeways, Thingiverse, CGTrader, Threeding and MyMiniFactory

Hp Laptop (300 x 250)

Equipment needed

  • A good computer rig
  • Camera (may be needed still and photography camera)
  • A drawing tablet
  • Alight table
  • Drawing media
  • 3D Software’s

Software’s used in Animation design.

adobe flash
Figure 1: Adobe Flash
3D max
Figure 2: 3D max



That has been a short lesson about animations. Many of you are big funs of animation movies but don’t know what it takes the developers to deliver that great movie or animation product.

I believe for this post you have learnt on or two things about animation production that will really help you. From the different types of animations, the production process, the training process, jobs related to your specialization, marketing yourself, software’s required and the equipment’s needed.

Hope you enjoyed; you now have the basics of animations if you were thinking of joining the industry and you are just a fun, you now know what it takes to have that animation clip you love.

let’s talk about animation.

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