Making a living with Amazon Mechanical Turk


Well all has been said about making money online but today i wish to write a small post about something i came about a week ago called amazon mechanical Turk.

what is it, Amazon mechanical is a crowd-sourcing Internet marketplace that enables individuals and businesses (known as Requester) to coordinate the use of human intelligence to perform tasks that computers are currently unable to do. It is one of the sites of Amazon Web Services.

Straight to the point how do you make pennies here, you simply earn by doing some simple tasks called HITS Human Inteligent Tasks, you can earn as low as 0.08$ by just looking a image and describing content in it.

for more information about this amazing online freelancing please do visit and you will find all what you need.

These tasks are so simple that one can do it through lunch breaks or even on vacation, they don’t require brain or a lot of skills anyone can do, i mean everyone who wishes to make extra dollar.

Avarage 1min you can make a 1dollar Imin = 1$,

in one hour you can make 1$*60min = 60$,

1 day you can only work for an hour =  60$ in hours is not a joke that is $60  * 100KSH = 6000Ksh

1Month = 6000Ksh * 30 = 180000KSH thats a whole salary just by working 1Hour a day.

So know how to make a 5figure salary without papers stop complaining there is no job and start looking for ways to make money there are tones of other similar sites. and so on the list is endless.

wish happy week and make some dollars this week.

Thank you.

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  1. 11.10.2012Iordanka HristovaImam namerenie da se zvmaniaam sas selski turizam ,kato v momenta sam zakupila kashta koqto mislq da q napravq Kashta za gosti .Tuk v nashiq grad (Sliven ) po nikakav nachin ne mojesh da se obogatish s informaciq otnostno namereniqta si .Interesuva me :-Kade i kakvo trqbva da se napravi za da se kandidatstva po tazi ” Mqrka311-312 ?Nadqvam se da sam zadala vaprosite si razbiraemo t. k. ot cqloto tova lutane ot stai v stai zapochvam da si mislq che samata Az neznam kakvo iskam .BLAGODARQ VI PREDVARITELNO !

  2. I work on Mturk 7 days a week. You obviously have no idea what you’re talking about. $60/hr? You’re nuts. Everyone in the US would quit their jobs to stay at home and make that. Average for a skilled turker with experience is 6-10/hour.


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