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So many ladies believe they can sing!

Be it as a profession or when taking a bath…

I agree they usually have good voices but not all can really put together a voice that anyone can listen to over and over again.

Michelle Bisonga proved to qualify as one lady who can sing so well that you classify her on another greater level from the popular artists.

Some time back, Michelle recorded herself as she did a mash-up of Kenyan local hit-songs at the comfort of her room using a laptop camera. That is how much passionate she gets…



She could not wait to have a better camera, she could not wait to save enough money to afford to go to a recording studio, and she could not just sit back and wait for the ‘best time’ as they refer to it. She just had to do it…

She shared the video on her YouTube channel and that’s when it all begun… Sauti sol liked the mash-up just like most of us and decided to endorse it. Michelle became a celebrity within a blink of an eye! Her video clip was circulating around WhatsApp groups nationwide. Everyone was talking of her great voice and creativity.

I was privileged to talk with her and here’s what she had to say:


  • When did you discover that you could sing so well?

I discovered I could sing at four years when my dad played old tracks and would plug in a mic on the radio for me to sing along.


  • Are you planning to release your own music or you will just be doing cover songs?

I am planning to release my own music in the near future definitely, but to keep my supporters glued while i work on that, I’m still doing covers.


  • What do you think of the power of social media as a marketing tool for artists who are starting and even the veterans?

I believe that social media is a huge stepping stone when it comes to marketing oneself as an artist as it is accessible to anyone and everyone. It simply depends on how you brand yourself out there; image is everything.


  • How supportive have your parents been in your music journey?

My parents are extremely supportive with my decision of pursuing music as my career. In fact, they are the ones paying fees for me to study it as a course in college. And my dad is also my manager 🙂


  • Which Kenyan artist(s) do you listen to and why?

The Kenyan artists I listen to are Sauti Sol, Dela, Sage, Kagwe, Tetu Shani, Dempsey, Kahvinya…..and so on. My list is very long. The reason i listen to these artists is very simple, diversity, they all have unique sound and i can listen to them all day.


  • Which international artist(s) do you envy and why?

The international artists I envy are Beyoncé, Rihanna, Anderson Paak…the list here is long as well. I envy them because they really worked hard to get where they are currently and have a huge crowd that listens to them.

  • Who inspires you and what you do?

I inspire myself, before you start looking for inspiration elsewhere, you have to look at the mirror and say, “YOU CAN DO IT GIRL”. But other than myself, Sauti Sol inspire me, they are the true definition of “started from the bottom now they’re here”


  • What can you tell those who can really sing but think that they must have money or be famous to start their music career?

Money and fame should not be any artist’s first priority. Music for a serious artists should be something that relates to all and it speaks where no words can. So focus on that, rather than money and fame, they will come later when you have content.


  • What is the future of Michelle Bisonga?

My future is all figured out, I see myself having graduated with a doctorate in performance and production, and definitely with music that everyone can listen to, all by God’s grace.


There you have it…

It is always best if you heard it from the horse’s mouth.

Michelle Bisonga is a young lady who has really inspired me.

Many people can sing, maybe even better than her but, they tend to blame so much

Michelle used what she had to do what she wanted to do for her to succeed in her dream career. She never waited to get much resources for her to prove that she is capable of doing something noble, she just did it.

She used the power of social media to showcase her potential.

As Sheryl Sandberg would ask in her book Lean In, “What could you do if you weren’t afraid?”

Michelle Bisonga has given her answer, am waiting to hear yours and remember this: do what you can, with what you have.

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