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Is your website/blog optimized for social media?

In the recent years social media has shown great improvements in terms of traffic and getting internet users adopt to it. Social media can be used to define almost half the lives of its users. A lot of time is spent online most especially on social networks interacting and socializing, gathering information, marketing and many other reasons.

If you are a social media guru you will agree with me that not all the social media sites works best for you. There must be one or two that really suits you and/or your business. Therefor it is advisable that you do a deep research and testing to identify your best platforms so that you do not end up wasting time on social media platforms that will lower your conversions or result to nothing at all.

Social shares helps in spreading the word of your content and brand which helps to drive more traffic to your site. On this post am going to share four tips that I have been using to optimize my blog posts for social media. Following this tips will increase the chances of your readers liking and sharing your blog posts to their friends and followers which will result to increased traffic.

Let’s jump directly to it now…

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# 1          Craft your headlines wisely

This is the first thing your readers see before going through your posts. Your headlines will drive your visitors to read or not read your articles. This is what I did to achieve this:

  • I made good headlines that let the readers know what the post was about before they even read, that way you will have prepared their minds well for the content behind the headlines. For example “Ten Reasons to Have a Blog” gives you a direct picture of what the article is about. It tells you how many points (Ten) to expect and what they will be defining (reasons to have a blog)
  • You also need to keep your headlines as short as possible. When sharing your posts on social media sites, it take the title of the post and a link to the post. So if you have a long title it will have to be trimmed a little bit so that it may fit the required size of length.
    It will look bad if your title was cut into two in a way that your followers will not be able to read it in full without opening it. You will agree with me that your readers do not want to read everything that you say hence they find it necessary to read the titles first so that they can decide which ones to open and which ones to ignore.

#2           Use a photo with your content

A picture defines a thousand words hence it very essential to include photos in your blog posts. Posts with a picture or two in it receive 78 percent more social shares as compared with plain text posts.

  • Research also says that 98 percent of blog posts with compelling images receive more views than those without.
  • While inserting photos in your articles make sure that they are theme related. Let the photos illustrate what you are saying in the text. Every time internet users opens a web page, the first thing that captures their attention are photos. They will spend their first seconds on your site scanning the pictures first then going through your article.
    So make sure the photos you embed in your blog posts illustrates the theme of your article or a point in it.
    This can be achieved perfectly if you made photos for yourself or editing those that you bought or downloaded for free.

Where can you get compelling photos? This is a question that I believe many of you are asking. I can happily recommend this tips:

#3           Create meaningful, strong quotes within your content

Having meaningful and strong quotes within your content really inspires your readers to share your content on social media. Everyone likes to be associated with great people or saying hence if you have great quotes a lot of people will most definitely click the share button.

The intention of this is to make people share your content to their friends and followers but not all your followers will like to share the whole content, others will want to share just a bit of it. I used to copy/paste some parts that interested me but that was boring as you could guess. Thanks to great developers who so this need and opportunity which inspired them to create plugins that allows your users to share only the parts that interests them.

A good example of plugin is “Click to tweet by todaymade.

#4           Include Call-To-Action

This is a way of reminding your readers of what you expect them to do. You may apply call-to-actions to collect emails, get more facebook likes, gain twitter followers or direct people to landing pages for them to buy or get free give aways.






Social media is growing rapidly that many bloggers and micro bloggers may fail doing what is required of them to succeed in their area of expertise. So it is very necessary to always being updated with the emerging trends especially in the blogging and tech industry.

Make sure you craft your headlines wisely, not long not too short. Use photos to add taste to your articles, use meaningful quotes for your readers to share with their friends and followers. The most important of all according to me is the last point; “Include call-to-action.” This way you will have gained from all the other points above.

All the best while optimizing your blog posts for social media.

Is your blog optimized for social media?

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