1. From public likes to ——————————————————————————another RussianAdSite
    Here is the link: http://bit.ly/2vK0CxU
    You will have to use it with Google’s translate feature to make your way around.
    It’s in Russia. Yes! A certain Russian ad network is paying 5 rubles—for those who don’t know, that is Russian money, for each “captcha” you solve.
    I say “captcha” because it’s not technically a captcha but looks like one. All you need to do to get your 5 rubles, is view the ads, key-in the displayed number and press Continue. That’s it.

    So how much can you make from it? From 1500 to 5000 rubles
    It’s COMPLETELY FREE for now but who knows how long that will last.
    Is it a Scam?


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