How To Sell Anything, Like A Politician

How To Sell Anything
How To Sell Anything

Did you know that politicians are the best marketers? The only problem is that they usually tell us what they want us to hear, not what is right.

Here’s the thing, take an example of prominent politicians in your country or even international figures. They all have one thing in common, NUMBERS. So if they decided to take a product and promote it, imagine the kind of profits they could make! If we do a quick math: A Politician has 1 million followers, he decides to promote a $100 product that will make him/her $25 in profit each so if only a quarter of his followers (250,000) went ahead to buy the product he would have made $6,250,000 (250,000*$25) by the end of the promotion.

More than just $6.2 million in just one product!

Here’s the link between a politician and a marketer. Buyers don’t care about the truth, they just need you to tell them what they want to hear. Let’s say you were looking for the best starter toolkit to equip your garage with. You would definitely go online to search for best toolkits review or best starter toolkits for my garage (or whatever you are looking for in specific).You will be prompted with a list of results where you will go ahead to read from your preferred results. In the results (which most of them are definitely blog posts) you will notice that the posts respond to what you searched for earlier not trying to tell behind-the-scene of the product. (I’m not good at explaining staff but I hope you get it!)

Also, you should know that most reviews are based on the information given by the suppliers/vendors and only 24% of affiliate/internet marketers go a step further to test the products for them to write a fair review.(MKBHD & Unboxing therapyare good examples of marketers who tests products before recommending to their viewers)

But it all doesn’t matter as long as you can convince someone to buy from you. You don’t need to be a politician of course.

Enough of me trying to explain the “theories” let’s now jump inside what brought you here.

How To Sell Anything
How To Sell Anything

Here’s how to sell anything online.

  1. Get the right tools.

For you to sell and most of all make awesome profits and good ROI you need to have a system set for success.

By system I don’t mean the crap that is being sold out there. Nowadays, you cannot go through more than two blogs before being pitched to a “System that guarantees sales on autopilot!” I don’t know how people get conned everyday while it’s as simple as A, B, C… you have to have to work your way up to financial stability it can’t just happen by buying an automation system.

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You cannot sell if you don’t have a mechanism set to make every process simple and guarantee best results. By this I am talking about capture pages, sales funnels, an autoresponder, video editing tools etc. (You can outsource all this but only if you have big budgets since some services are really expensive)

I hope you can agree by the saying that “cheap is expensive?”

In every business you are given two options to success, the easy way and the hard/long way and for many they usually go for the quick, easy ones which I can guarantee that you won’t do it for long before you fail terribly.

While creating a system for success, the same applies.

You have the option to go for free/cheap tools or invest in advanced tools for your business to secure your place for success (I’m not saying that free tools don’t work, in fact I personally started with the free Mailchimp package to collect emails and send newsletter to my subscribers) Just so that you can understand the importance of an advanced email program is that if you went with the cheap option to send newsletters to your subscribers in most cases you’ll notice a low open rate of your emails because most emails go straight in the spam folders of your subscribers and you can bet how many of them will go looking for it there.

So, you still want massive sales? Then you just have to find the money and invest!

  1. Motivate

There is nothing as powerful as motivation.

A short story about my career in blogging and Inter-preneurship:

When I was starting out it was so difficult for me to make money online (I know it applies to almost every blogger or any other business) then found my mentor and had a sit down with him. After the long lecture there’s on important quote he concluded with: sometimes you have to make others great for you to be greater. That for my business to succeed, it must be helping and motivating others not just selling to them.

Most business fail because the suck at pitching their products or ideas since they never want to let the buyers make the buying decision, they want to force it to them which leads to failing of business.

Another good example that can prove to you the importance and power of motivation are Twitter profiles, Facebook groups/pages and YouTube channels that are dedicated to sharing inspirational quotes. Most of the have massive number of following and if you look at the growth rate, it’s so phenomenon!

People love motivational stuff, they love to hear and share inspiring stories so, why are you not taking this opportunity and incorporating motivation to your business?

  1. Entertain

The science between entertainment and selling is simple, win the crowd and you’ll win your buyers.

Selling is all about numbers (remember the example we started with about politicians) so if you manage to bring in huge numbers to view your product you will just need to convert them to buyers, right?Remember most buyers are usually just random people whole might come across your product while surfing the internet then will need you to motivate and convince them to make the buying decision.

The crowd wants to be entertained.

A few years ago I came across a sales video that was funny as hell… the guy on the video spoke for 45 minutes and not once did they mention the product they were selling LOL. I laughed a lot and bought the product right away.It took me a few years to get why these types of videos sold like crazy, while other boring straight to the point such didn’t, yet you don’t have to waste that much time…

You can just shoot crazy, entertaining videos and make crazy sales, or if you are not a video guy – write crazy articles or social media posts or whatever you are comfortable with that has the potential of going viral.

  1. Simplify

Making things look difficult might make you feel cool than the rest but trust me, you might end up turning away the most important people who for this case are your customers. The real genius is in the making things simple; Period (especially in marketing). Most people searching for information about a product online or offline wants something simple, information that they can consume on the go without it taking much of their time.

Now that you know that, why should you complicate things which will make your marketing even harder while you can simplify every aspect of your business and start making sales?


There you have it, the four things you need to sell:

  1. You need to Get the right tools.
  2. You need to Motivate
  3. You need to Entertain
  4. And finally you need to make things Simple

Over to you now, let’s see what you can do to increase your sales in the comments section below. Feel free to share with your networks too J

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