SEO is nothing without Keyword Research!

SEO is nothing without Keyword Research. Learn how to go about finding the best keywords for your online marketing campaigns
SEO is nothing without Keyword Research

This is a case study done by Edward Eugen on

“Keyword Research”

I hope you’ll agree with me when I say:

SEO is nothing without Keyowrd Research.

So, even before writing my blog posts, I usually start with keyword research and follow these 3 Simple Steps:

  • Find your Passion and Choose your Niche
  • Choose Product Category
  • Analyze Competition and Generate Keywords
SEO is nothing without Keyword Research. Learn how to go about finding the best keywords for your online marketing campaigns
SEO is nothing without Keyword Research. PIN ME 🙂

#1 Find your Passion and Choose your Niche

Choosing a niche isn’t a difficult task if you know, what you love doing. I always prefer to choose something you passionate about.

I am a Tech Enthusiast and love to read latest technology posts and I have subscribed to a lot of tech reviewers on Youtube.

Just to mention MKBHD & Unboxing Therapy 🙂

After choosing my niche “Tech” and setting up my mind to write about Computer accessories and Latest Gadgets, I moved forward to choose Product Categories.

#2 Choose Product Category

Now it was time to choose Product Categories.

So, for each article, I have to do keyword research again.

The first thing I have to do is to find the main broad categories, in which I can find my niche relative products.

To find those categories, I head over to AliExpress Categories. Now you might be thinking why not Amazon Departments? See the screenshot below.

AliExpress Technology Product Departments Screenshot

See, how well organized and detailed these categories are.

That is why whenever I want to find a Product Category, I jump to AliExpress.

So, all of these categories fall under “Tech” niche. So, I didn’t go further deep inside, because I didn’t have to choose only ONE, I can pick all of those and write 1 article in each.

While planning for an authority site, I chose 10 categories to write in, even before choosing my domain name. I ended up choosing 5 High-Comp categories and 5 Low-Comp categories because I wanted to compete with some big giants.

For this case study, I will only talk about 2 of my articles which are doing great in SERPs. One of them is low-comp and the other one is high-comp.

  • High-Comp: Wireless Router
  • Low-Comp: 3d Pen

#3 Analyze Competition and Generate Keywords

Now, I was done with niche selection and also I have chosen the product categories for the first 10 articles.

Now it was time to generate keywords, analyze the competition and see how much monthly searches I will get. I always prefer to find the competition manually. However, Long Tail Pro and KWFinder are also great tools to analyze the competition.

I always follow this pattern to generate the keywords:

Best + [Product Category] + [Year]

I ended up with:

  • Best Wireless Router 2016 (KC: 49, Monthly Searches: 8k)
  • Best 3D Pen (KC: 29, Monthly Searches: 2.4k) – Skipped the year because of low monthly Searches

Alright, I hope you know how to find these monthly searches and other stuff.

Recommended Guide: Ultimate Keyword Research Guide by Brian Dean

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