5 Effective SEO Tips When Using Pinterest

SEO tips for Pinterest

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is usually associated with website rankings, but it can also be applied to other platforms as well – such as the well known online board, Pinterest. Now Pinterest is quite a popular place for discovering arts and crafts inspiration, Do-It-Yourself (DIY) tutorials, home design ideas, party theme ideas and the like.

Each user can create a board where all his/her ideas and inspiration for a certain event or personal project can be collated as ‘pins’. These pins can also be used by other people for inspiration or if they need to recreate it for their own projects.

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Effective SEO Tips For Pinterest
5 Effective SEO Tips When Using Pinterest ~ Sophlix

Like any other content on the Internet, these pins can also be optimized for search engines (within Pinterest and Google). If you are a DIY guru, arts and crafts creator, event planner or interior designer and you want your boards or pins to be found by other users easily, below are a few tips to optimize them:

  1. Organize your pins and boards first.

Before you optimize your Pinterest profile, you need to organize your boards and pins first. Categorize your boards first – separate them by theme, subject, event or even color pallette if you want. Organizing will be up to you, but just make sure that it will be in a way that is convenient and easy to understand for other users as well.

2. Be rich in descriptions (using the right keywords).

Now that you have successfully organized your boards and pins, it is time to ensure that each pin has been accompanied with the right description. Like SEO in websites and blogs, you need to use the right keywords to describe both your board and pins.

In fact, Pinterest favors pins that have rich and helpful titles and descriptions that will help users easily find it when they make a search. You don’t have to use random, robotic keywords to describe your pin. Just use your words naturally, but always keep in mind which relevant keywords you should use for your pin.

A good example is this. As you can see, the pin only has a short title and description but it captures what the image or pin is all about – a modern and chic interior design for an apartment in New York City.

You can use hashtags, but this is not a very effective SEO tactic for the Pinterest platform.

3. Optimize your profile.

Aside from optimizing your pins and boards through descriptions and keywords, you can also optimize your own profile by choosing a good username. It would help if you add a descriptive word in your username so that it will be more memorable and catchy for users too. For example, if you are a mom who does Do-It-Yourself (DIY) crafts and party themes, you can choose a username that can describe what you do (and describe what your pins are about) such as “DIYMom,” “themommyplanner,” or “DIYPartyPlanner” and the like.

4. Pin only quality (and vertical) images.

High definition and quality images are not just more visually appealing, but they are also preferred by search engines too. Most users are also more inclined to re-pin posts that come with high quality pictures. For Pinterest, vertical images are also preferred because they are more compatible or responsive on mobile screens.

5. Update your boards regularly.

Much like in the cases of websites and Facebook pages, search engines also favor Pinterest profiles and boards that are active and constantly updated. Search engines take relevance and timeliness into consideration before showing off results, and if your board is already outdated, then it might favor other pins in place. You don’t have to post pins everyday though, you can do it several times each week – otherwise, it would look spammy.

Like websites and blogs, SEO in Pinterest is also all about content creation, and that should be your top priority once you’ve created your account. Think of your Pinterest profile as a specialized image blog of how-tos, and it might be easier for you to come up with content that are useful and relevant for your target community.

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