ShareCopy: Access your clipboard anywhere, anytime with any device

ShareCopy: Access your clipboard anywhere, anytime with any device

I have been looking for the best clipboard manager with no success for a while but I recently stumbled upon one site that I think will offer that as a solution.

Copy, Paste & Share.

That’s the first thing your eyes will notice when you visit the ShareCopy website. Those are the three major actions that I take almost every day when surfing the internet. I don’t know about you, but for me, the internet is like my living room! I visit it every day and almost every time.

When browsing through the internet, I see a lot of things. things that I was actually looking for, posts and memes that fellow users share and a lot of useless information (i know, the internet is full of a mix of crap & important info)

It is definitely not possible for me to master everything I read on the internet. Therefore, I usually write them down for future reference. Unfortunately, that is the basic way but I could not view my clipboards remotely. I could only work on the same gadget where I had saved my clipboards.

I could not work remotely since accessing the info I had saved was not practically possible. There was a method I was using but it was not convenient for me. I don’t know if you have tried it but it was a common trick within my peers. We were using Gmails’ drafts to save content that we wanted to access remotely. That was our clipboard manager for the longest time until the emergence of ShareCopy.

After going through the clipboard manager i loved one fact about it. You can actually share your clipboards with your team members. This is made possible by an access token that one is given whenever you start a session. Anyone you share the access token with can view the clipboard, edit and save.

To start using ShareCopy, you just need to visit their site through your, Computer or even a mobile phone through and you will land on their very simple and easy to understand homepage. You will then have the option of creating an account or even starting without having to login. When you are in the app, you have several options of how you can manage your clipboards. At the moment, there isn’t so many options but that is bound to change since the app is still being improved.

The Developers are always listening to the users and trying their best to improve the app so that it can serve us even more efficiently. You can visit the site: and share your experience on the comments section below. For me i believe their is so much to be improved and this is just the beginning of a great app that can really save you a lot of time.


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