How to do social media marketing like Dr. Strive Masiyiwa – the best social media marketer in Africa

Dr. Strive Masiyiwa
Dr. Strive Masiyiwa

1 hour 40 minutes.

That’s how much time you probably spend on social media, according to The Telegraph. In fact, teens spend even 9 hours on social media.

While you’re catching up with friends and family, experts out there are busy cashing in on this huge social wave that will not end anytime soon.

One of the best is Zimbabwe’s richest man, Strive Masiyiwa. This billionaire has over 2 million followers on Facebook. He’s the founder of Econet Wireless and the now famous Kwese TV and Kwese App. He was recently named as one of the world’s 50 greatest leaders.

Below is how to sell on social media like Strive:

1. Build a personal brand: He uses his real name and photo on his page. He therefore comes off like a regular guy, even if he’s a billionaire.

2. Resonate with your audience: Strive never does hard sales e.g. “BUY MY DECODER NOW!”. He resonates with his audience by providing useful, inspiring tips about his life, spirituality and business. He is indeed a force of change in the society. Instead of telling people to buy, he shows people how they can improve their lives. Remember selling is simply providing solutions in exchange for money.

3. Respond: Some people laugh at why a top marketer would respond to an ordinary guy’s comments. After all, most big public figures just post, but never respond to anything. Strive changes this by not just responding, but copy pasting people’s comments and giving his response as a main comment. This gives the person’s comment hundreds of likes and the person gets lots of business and followership.

4. Sponsor posts: We all know that Facebook pages are now almost useless to someone who doesn’t boost/sponsor them. Strive boosts most of his posts for maximum reach.

5. Soft sell: This is the most important. People are not on Facebook to buy, but to learn, engage, relax and catch up. Instead of saying “buy my decoder”. He’ll talk about “Why Africans need to use the internet for entrepreneurship”. He’ll then first provide value, then at the bottom TALK ABOUT HOW HE’S IMPLEMENTING THE TIP while selling his decoders. Many will then check out his stuff, install his app, buy their decoders, etc. The bestselling shouldn’t look like selling.

6. Focus: Try different social channels/strategies then focus on what’s giving the best results. Strive focuses on Facebook. I’ve tried following him on his blog, Instagram etc., but none of them match the engagement he gets on FB. So, he uses his money, time and energy on FB. And don’t we just looove his Facebook posts?

7. Sell in the comments: Immediately after you see a great post, you want to comment, right? And before you comment, you’ll see a list of top comments that got most likes/responses. Instead of giving away this spot, he sells in his comments. So he’ll give major announcements, answer FAQs e.g. how to buy and where his service is available etc.

8. Use quizzes and contests to increase product awareness: In his posts and comments, he often uses quizzes or contests. Here he asks a question about his products then people research and answer. The best person who answers gets a reward.

9. Elevate the ordinary guy: It’s the ordinary guy who buys. Strive uses many methods to elevate the ordinary guy, including sending his team to follow up on guys who comment with great ideas to see how they can work together. I’m hoping to work together with him one of these days. My hope is by 2020, we’ll have more of such billionaires in Africa!

Do you follow Dr. Strive? What else have you learnt from him?

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