Sophlix Updates – New Design and Experience


Do you like change?

Change like any other factors has two sides; you can change something and get good or bad results.

Sophlix is a blog that has been growing steadily in the past year and many have loved it so far.

I have been publishing posts revolving around the following topics:

  • Social media
  • Blogging
  • How to make money online
  • Gadget reviews and many more technology news.

After some time, I saw it best to revolve as the world goes so that I may continue being relevant to you, my loyal readers. That means sophlix will be going through some updates to make blogging success more visible.

Change is good;

Change means development to me.

It has been one full year of blogging and the experience is so overwhelming. I started off while still in collage doing it for passion. I had no clear idea of what blogging really meant, but I still went for it.

I partnered with a colleague Felix kiptor to do some research about blogging and also he helped in raising the hosting fees which was Ksh. 2000 at that time. I actually learnt everything about blogging as time proceeded.

The domain was idle for almost three months before I mastered and was comfortable using WordPress since it is the best CMS for blogging as compared to Joomla and Typo3.

By June 2015 all was well to go, i was stable online I may say. I had also tabbed a way of writing articles following the veterans in the industry already.

I blog following the steps of those who inspire me. Name them, Neil Patel of quick sprout, Darren Rowse of Pro blogger and Yaro starak of entrepreneurs-journey. I read their blogs as often as I can since the time I knew each one of them.

After all the trial and errors, the struggle and mastering of what is needed to fully claim blogging success sophlix will be rolling out its new form… call it rebranding.

Some of the major changes includes:

  • Logo
  • Content
  • New features.

Logo (rebranding)

The symbol illustrates two facts about sophlix

One; the symbol illustrates how sophlix is destined to work on a regular (circular) basis with its readers and/or clientele.

Two; there’s an arrow that protrudes upwards… it simply explains our tagline, “blogging success.”

We are destined for success. Ours and all those who follow us.



Well, as you know Content is King!

I got no option but produce quality content that will keep you on my blog always.

I need you reader(s) very much hence I have the mandate to give you something worth your loyalty; that is good content.

Therefore, to the normal technology posts that you are used to I will be adding business to it. That sounds great, right?

This is what I mean when I say business:

We have seen and heard many success stories out there… successful business people sharing their experience, tips and tricks of making it in their areas of expertise.

That is what you will get from the new sophlix.

You will get interviews of individuals who have made it in different business area.

New features

  • Youtube channel

There will be interviews in text format but that will change as time goes. Sophlix will have a youtube channel where you can get all the interviews posted.

  • E-commerce section

Sophlix will also be selling product from its mother company Green Code Masters. The products will include: Genuine software’s, custom made blogging tools and many others that I will update you as time goes.


I am starting a revolution in Kenya.

Blogging has grown so much but it seems not everyone is getting it right. There are pretty many blogs in Kenya.

According BAKE’s Chairman Kennedy Kachwanya, there is an estimated 15,000 registered blogs in Kenya with 3,000 being active blogs registered blogs by Kenyans on the WordPress, Blogger and Tumblr platforms.

But ask yourself how many are doing it right!

Blogging stopped being only a passion where you just write for fun, to being income generating streams (career) for many. As a blogger, how much do you make from your blog?

Tell me what you think of the updates on the comments section below.

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