Step by Step: How To Access Netflix in Kenya


Such services are extremely popular in countries where sites like Facebook and YouTube have been blocked by the government.

Multichoice have hiked their prices and the Premium package that offers English Premier League is now unaffordable to many Kenyans.

Apart from football, there’s a lot of premium content in the world that we never get access to, or access it weeks after the US. Netflix gives you a chance to be up to date with TV shows, as well as access a huge archive of movies.

However, the service only operates in select countries and Kenya is not among them. Opening on your browser presents this

However, there are simple hacks to ensure you view its content right here in Kenya or in any country you are in.

Download a Chrome browser extension called Holainstall it and restart your browser.

On top right corner of Chrome, you’ll see the Hola icon which presents you a list of countries upon clicking.



Select the US and this will ‘cheat’ Netflix servers that you are accessing it from the United States. You can then proceed and sign up for the plan of your choice.



A few months ago, Hola was in the news with allegations that it was selling user bandwidth. So if you don’t trust it, there are other free and paid alternatives eg. Hotspot Shield, Tunnelbear, Media Hint and Unblock Us.

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