What Successful People Do That You Don’t


Ever thought about why that guy got funded over you?

Or why your sales pale in comparison?

I bet you’ve thought about what it’ll take to turn your business into a household name like a Nike, or Starbucks.

Frankly, you wouldn’t be much of an entrepreneur if you didn’t have those kinds of thoughts every now and then.

But the real question is, how do you go from here to there?

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  • Successful people know how to pitch

More than 11 of the biggest investors and VCs in the world came together to tell you what they’re looking for in a startup pitch. From Techstars, Capital Factory, and AngelList, to million-dollars investors in companies like Facebook, Uber, and HubSpot.

Almost all of them universally agree on the 3 things that they look for in a successful startup pitch.

Are you sure you have them?

David Cohen, Founder and co-CEO, Techstars say’s “I don’t ignore the idea, it’s important too. But a great team, with real energy and purpose, and a great idea is the combination I’m after. I’ll also sometimes just fund a great team before they figure out their specific idea.”

It’s important to have ego, and to have self-confidence when pitching. But you have to be able to put your money where your mouth is, before coming to me asking for money.

Esther Dyson, Founder, Way To Wellville say’s:

When it comes to how I judge the potential behind the startup ideas I get pitched:

First, I have to like the general idea and the space. Then, I need to believe that this is the team to make it work. I like ideas that are mission-driven, focusing on a result.

If the team is focused on the result, they will pivot as needed to achieve it. But if they are in love with a specific solution or project, they may follow it down the rathole rather than learn from the wonderful feedback and support they could get from their customers—or from people who refuse to buy—if they would only listen and learn.

Personally, I’d like to see more companies focused on fostering health rather than curing illness.  I’d like to see companies taking a long-term view and motivating their customers to do the same, rather than manipulating them with instant gratification.

As for strategy, I’d like to see more companies that are willing to focus on a specific niche with a view to expanding once they have that covered, rather than taking a big-picture view that misses the details and hard work.

For many entrepreneurs, there will come a time when they must stand up in a boardroom filled with investors, and convince them all that their startup pitch is so clever, their plan so tightly crafted, that it is worthy of a stack of cold, hard cash.

  • Successful people know how to sell

You want to be a successful entrepreneur? Then you need to start thinking like a successful entrepreneur.

And the answer to that lies in your ability to sell. The most successful entrepreneurs in the world are expert salesmen, which is why you need to learn how to tighten up that sales funnel.

Because you’re dropping money on the floor if you don’t.

To do that there are some fundamental points you should know which include:

  • The key to building an effective sales funnel
  • How to inspire and build a community around your brand
  • Get qualities that will make you to be a leader who inspires
  • Why the best way to understand your market is to be your own customer
  • How to find and keep A-players on your team
  • Successful people know why their brand sucks

The shortest path to success is avoiding as many pitfalls and mistakes as possible on your journey. The trick is to know what to look out for.

Your brand is like your greeting card. If your branding sucks then you’ve already lost the battle before it’s even begun. Don’t shoot yourself in the foot.

Even for a small business, it’s crucial to take branding beyond just a compelling name and logo. While investing in beautiful design is a big part of branding your business, it’s only half the battle of defining your brand as a whole. Using that brand is the other half, the half that will build trust with customers and ultimately grow profits.

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Like i said at the beginning of the post, if you want to be a successful person you MUST be thinking as one already. That is the only way to prepare for the goods and bad’s that come with SUCCESS.

So grasp this three tips (print them out if you can) and master them as you work your way up:

  1. Successful people know how to pitch
  2. Successful people know how to sell
  3. Successful people know why their brand sucks

To add on, you also need to find a MENTOR…

A person who you will look up to and/or follow their footsteps towards your goals and most of all, ASK whenever you experience any challenges.

That’s it for now, i hope this short piece was helpful though. Thanks for reading.

One favor before you jump off; please share with your networks so that you may grow together

Remember: You can be great by making others greater 🙂

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