The Most Unique and Mysterious Forests in the World


The Most Unique and Mysterious Forests in the World – The woods have been the setting of countless fairytales and legends over the ages. The hidden mystery of these natural gems make them ideal scenery for stories about fairies, knights and wicked witches. If you fantasize about disappearing into an enchanting sylvan world, consider visiting these five unique forests.


When you think of a forest, you probably picture tall, thick trees that reach to the sky. This is the case in Arashiyama, but those trees are bamboo!

Arashiyama bamboo forest. - The Most Unique and Mysterious Forests in the World

From the middle of the verdant grove, everything is washed in a green tint, like an Instagram filter in real-time. You will truly feel like you’re in a different world when you visit this magical forest in western Kyoto, Japan.

Crooked Forest

In northwest Poland, there’s a forest with 400 pine trees, all bent like hooks at the trunk. While no one knows how they got that way, some think they were bred to bend in the same direction years ago, for use in boats or furniture.

The Most Unique and Mysterious Forests in the World- The Crooked Forest

Others believe some rapturous weather pattern caused the uniform bending. Either way, if you want to see something that is as mysterious as it is beautiful, Crooked Forest is a can’t-miss.

Red Forest

What happens when a nuclear meltdown forces inhabits to leave an area forever? The rarely-visited Red Forest is a nearby side-effect of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster.

Red forest in Pripyat( Ukraine ) The Most Unique and Mysterious Forests in the World

True to its name, the flora of this radioactive woods–from the leaves of the trees to the plants in the ground–are red as blood. Despite the radiation that lingers in the forest’s soil, this natural beauty has given refuge to many wild animals.


The Ardennes is a perfect forest for history buffs to visit. Spanning the border of Belgium, Luxembourg, and Germany, these woods were the site of many battles in the past.

The Most Unique and Mysterious Forests in the World - Ardennes

Today, it’s a lush green forest that’s home to music festivals and outdoor sports.

Dark Entry Forest

Dudleytown, Connecticut is a fabled ghosttown that, years ago, was swallowed by surrounding trees. While the disappeared village has never been found, the forest that surrounds it.

Dark Entry Forest The Most Unique and Mysterious Forests in the World

Dark Entry Forest, is now private property. There is little evidence to prove that this forest is as scary as its name or lore would suggest.

Black Forest, Germany

The name itself sounds mysterious, and that’s because the Black Forest in Germany is well-known as the home of lots of myths and legends.

The Most Unique and Mysterious Forests in the World

From ghosts and nymphs to foreboding dark pathways into the woods, the Black Forest conjures an image of fairytales and horror. But fear not: this area in southwestern Germany is actually filled with quaint villages and miles of gorgeous hiking trails.

Hallerbos, Belgium

Every spring, the floor of this Belgian forest is covered in bluebells, giving it a blue-violet carpet that makes travelers feels as though they’re walking in a fairytale.

The Most Unique and Mysterious Forests in the World

Rata Forest, New Zealand

The Most Unique and Mysterious Forests in the World 4

The Rata is a type of tree on New Zealand, and this forest on Enderby Island is filled with gnarled tree trunks and branches. There are plenty of hiking trails in the forest and on the island itself.

Goblin Forest, New Zealand

Jason-Law_3rd-Place-Professional_3 goblin forest

The name speaks for itself: this creepy forest is truly unique and won’t be anything like you’ve seen before. Find the forest by entering Tararua Forest Park, then make your way to the mid-slope to treeline forests on Mount Taranaki, about 600-900m up. The eerie, moss-covered trees in this forest include kamahi, miro, and mountain totara. Because this stretch of land is so misty and prone to rainfall, the trees are blanketed in green moss all the time, giving it the “goblin” glow.

Stanton Moor, UK

The Most Unique and Mysterious Forests in the World

This beautiful forest is located in a small upland area near the village of Birchover, England. In addition to being a serene, beautiful forest, it also carries with it an ancient mystery. The moor is home to four Bronze Age stone circles, similar to Stone Henge. A number of other structures, like the Reform Tower, can be found in the area.

Moss Swamp, Romania


This image appears to be of a mossy forest area in Romania, though its location isn’t entirely known. Romania is full of gorgeous mountains and forests, so it’s worth a visit, though you might have to do some searching for this mysterious moss swamp.

The Sea of Trees, or Aokigahara, Japan


Aokigahara forest lies at the foot of Mt. Fuji in Japan, and is known as the sea of trees because it’s so vast and mysterious. It’s also very dense, so it naturally shuts out all external noises, and is extremely easy to get lost in so hikers often place their own tape on the trees to avoid getting lost.

Otzarreta Forest, Spain


Located in the Basque Country in Spain, Otzarreta Forest is a beautiful part of Gorbea Natural Park. The ancient trees, mixed with the foggy atmosphere, gives this forest a mystical, kind of creepy air. These crazy trees definitely deserve a spot on the list of weirdest trees on earth.

Hoia-Baciu Forest, Romania


The Hoia-Baciu Forest is considered one of the most haunted forests in the world, and is sometimes referred to as the “Bermuda Triangle of Transylvania.” People have claimed they’ve seen UFOs and/or ghosts near the woods, though no one is sure. Legend says there is a perfectly circular clearing in the middle of the forest that attracts paranormal activity.

Chinese Hemlock Trail, Taiwan

The Most Unique and Mysterious Forests in the World 5

This hike is part of Taipingshan National Forest Recreation Area in Taiwan. It may look creepy, but don’t worry: It’s quite a short hike, though it may be a bit strenuous due to the altitude and steepness of its path.

Tsingy Forest, Madagascar
The Most Unique and Mysterious Forests in the World 6

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