The Social media 3: What all social media managers should have.

social media 3

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Today I am going to promote all of you to managers! That’s if you are not one already J The good thing with this post am assigning you is that you will all be equal; but how you practice your skills will differentiate you.

Tip: every person with a social media account is a manager (social media manager).

Before I jump into today’s discussion, just answer this simple questions that will open your mind.

  1. Why do you have an account?
  2. What do you do with it?
  3. How does it help you?

If you answer the questions correctly you will be able to spend your time on the internet wisely doing positive and constructive things.

Ok; how qualified are you to be a social media manager? This is a question that many try to escape while it is very vital. I too thought it was all right to just follow passion and hope everything will be cool career wise. This is my daily job and I realized it takes a lot other just being a guru or doing it for passion.

I am going to share with you some tips that will make you a better social media manger, I will start with what I call “The Social Media Three.”

  1. Emotions.
  2. Assumptions.
  3. Respond appropriately.

Let’s start digesting them one by one so that you understand them well.

As a social media manager, you need to be able to identify emotions of the clients who ask questions or drop comments. Are they asking happily or they were much disappointed that’s they said what they said? You need to apply psychology here. Have the ability to read their minds to know what drove them to post the question/comment.

If you are able to identify emotions you will definitely be able to respond appropriately, in a way that will satisfy the client. For example; let’s say you are a social media manager of an e-commerce site like Jumia then a customer posted on your social media sites that he/she is experiencing some problems while purchasing a Samsung Galaxy S5.

I would respond in two ways; first if the clients seemed like they were just confirming I would recommend that they try again and if the error persists they should get back to us, so that we can fix it… as we also check it on our side. But if the client(s) seemed disappointed I would calm him/her down, apologize for the inconvenience and assure him/her that everything is going to be fixed right away.

Not being able to identify emotions can cause you and/or your clients real much trouble. A social media manager is like a customer care. You must portray the principles of the company (though it’s now online)

Tip: Product + Customer Service = Quality clients.

Discard your assumptions whatsoever. Let me be rude in a decent way; as a social media manager you should keep your opinions to yourself! This is where many of us go astray. Remember, when you are behind that companies account, you represent them and all their standards and principles.

Do not be tempted in any case post personal opinions. As you know the main role of a social media manager is – promoting the company/client/event. So there is no place that you should use the companies account to post personal views.

Others tend to bring assumptions on questions or comments asked by clients of the company that they are representing. Remember that everyone has a right to raise comments or suggestions and they are personally responsible for that. So do not put yourself in that situation where you are trying to respond to what you have not understood clearly.

Ask questions where necessary, ask the person who raised the question/complain or comment what they really meant instead of giving incorrect responses. You can also go ahead and ask them the results that they expect so that you may stay in line on the client’s needs.

  1. Respond appropriately.

This is quite self-explanatory. As I said before, a social media manager is an online customer care whose core role tends to be responding to client’s needs (comments/questions/suggestions). This sums up the first two points.

After you have identified customers’ emotions and discarded your assumptions you will now be having a valuable response; a response that will satisfy the customer and improve the integrity of the company. Also on response, always consider time factor.

For example, if a customer inquired for a product through your social media sites and you were offline or responded late, he/she will go to look for the product in another place of course and you do not want that.


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Time is a treasure that all of us have but we tend to use it in diverse ways. Always make sure that you use your time wisely and in a traceable way (having a schedule)

Social media has grown really fast and very wide in that every company needs to be in almost all the platforms. That has led to a new career to be developed that is social media management. It is currently a new business that is picking up in a rapid pace.

Companies are employing personnel’s to run their social media accounts so it might be your next job if you are not yet in it but you are a social media savvy, have good communication skills since you are the online customer care and finally if you have a strategy.

Like always, it was a great pleasure sharing those concepts above. But I believe you have more that I have not mentioned, so please share them in the comments section below. Also drop question and suggestions for future post. Thank you for your time.

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