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The teachers employer has released the date when the newly recruited teachers are expected to report to their stations. It is a reprieve for the tutors recruited in 2019 by the Teachers Service Commission, TSC, who have been waiting for the good news.

A number of vacancies were advertised by the Commission in 2019. The table below captures some of the vacancies.

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Here are the posts; including post name, number of vacancies and key dates: 

S/N Post Name Number of Posts Advert Date Mode of application Closing Date
1 Secretariat Internship 25 7/10/2019 Online 21/10/2019
2 Replacement of Primary school Teachers who left in August 220 7/10/2019 Manual 23/10/2019
3 Replacement of Secondary school Teachers who left in August 44 7/10/2019 Manual 23/10/2019
4 Post Primary School Intern Teachers 6,000 9/10/2019 Online 24/10/2019
5 Primary School Intern Teachers 4,300 9/10/2019 Online 24/10/2019
6 Replacement of Primary school Teachers who left in June/July 3,348 12/9/2019 Manual 24/9/2019
7 Replacement of Secondary school Teachers who left in June/July 769 12/9/2019 Manual 24/9/2019
8 Deputy Directors and County Directors 27 12/9/2019 Online 23/9/2019
9 Quality Assurance- Sub County Directors 12 12/9/2019 Online 17/9/2019
10 Teacher Management- Sub County Directors 64 12/9/2019 Online 17/9/2019
11 Permanent Posts in Primary Schools(Redeployment to Secondary) 1,000 16/8/2019 Manual 30/8/2019
12 Permanent Posts in Secondary Schools 4,000 16/8/2019 Manual 30/8/2019
13 Promotions for Heads (T Scale 10; Grade C5) 2,310 20/8/2019 Online 20/9/2019
14 Promotions for Deputy Heads (T Scale 9; Grade C4) 3,733 20/8/2019 Online 20/9/2019


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Reporting dates

The teachers are now expected to report to their new stations on January 6, 2020. Posting letters for the teachers are ready at the County offices. The letters are to be picked by principals and school heads.

What you need to know about the posting letter.

The Teachers Service Commission, TSC, sends a letter of employment (Letter of probationary employment) to a newly recruited teacher after successfully vetting the teachers’ documents. The letter is sent to the teacher through the station where the teacher has been posted to serve under TSC terms. In the letter the Commission Secretary spells out the entry level of the teacher i.e Secondary School Teacher II for teachers entering the profession as degree holders. The station where the teacher has been posted and the subjects to be handled are also written on the employment letter.

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A newly recruited teacher works on probation for a period of not less than six (6) months. In some cases the probation period may be extended if the teacher’s performance is unsatisfactory; at worst, the teacher’s employment may be terminated before completion of the probation period. To be confirmed on permanent terms, the head of institution fills a recommendation form for the teacher that is sent to TSC for approval.

The teacher is expected to proceed to the posted institution as indicated on the employment letter and has a grace period of 30 days from the effective date; as stated on the letter.

The employment letter also spells out the expected basic salary per year depending on the entry grade of the teacher. The teacher is also entitled to monthly allowances pegged on his/ her grade. Allowances that the teacher may get include, but not limited to: House allowance and Commuter allowance. Teachers working in areas classified as hardship get hardship allowance on top of the two allowances. While, those working at schools with differently abled learners also receive Special allowance.

The teacher is expected to work in any part of the country where the Commission feels his/ her services are required. Additionally, the teacher will have to serve at the initial work station, where the first posting has been made, for a period of not less than five (5) years before requesting for a transfer. Though, in some cases such a teacher may be transferred under special consideration from the Commission on such grounds as Medical and insecurity; as may be deemed fit by TSC.

The employment letter is also copied to the Principal or head of institution and the TSC County Director.

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