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The Teachers Service Commission, TSC, provides a wide range of services online. These services can be accessed by online users. The services are mostly accessible to teachers and TSC staff. Here are the services that the Commission offers online: Online tax deductions card (P) Teachers and TSC Secretariat Staff can now access their P9 forms online alongside their payslips, through the TSC on-line service portal. Thus they do not have to wait for June to make their returns. They can now make their tax returns as early as January of every year. To access this service click on; https://payslip.tsc.go.ke/login.php TSC Website (www.tsc.go.ke): The Commission has a vibrant website where key activities of the Commission are posted as they happen. The website is also a key resource centre where teachers and the public easily access information on the services offered by the Commission. From the Website; • Teachers can download various documents such as The Code of Regulations for Teachers, circulars and Gazette notices. • Teachers can access and apply for advertised posts, • Retired teachers whose pension claims have been processed and forwarded to the Director of Pensions are notified through the website. • Papers presented during the First Teachers Conference that was recently concluded can be accessed through the website. To access the TSC Website click on this link; http://www.tsc.go.ke

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Teachers online (www.teachersonline.go.ke) i). Teacher registration The Commission is mandated to register trained and qualified teachers before they engage in any teaching services in the country. Through the Commission’s online system, applicants upload the requirements for registration. The Commission processes registration within 30 days and a registration certificate is issued. The status of the application is also provided in the online system. Click here to access the Teacher Registration Portal; https://tsc.go.ke/index.php/our-services/teacher-registration/registration ii). T-Pay (payslip.tsc.go.ke) Teachers can now view their latest pay information by accessing their pay slips online. The system also provides a function for teachers to send their latest pay slip to 30 parties such as banks, Saccos, amongst others, to facilitate acquisition of a loan. Access the service by clicking on; http://payslip.tsc.go.ke iii).Teacher Performance Appraisal and Development (TPAD) Teachers Performance Appraisal is now done online. The Commission is in the process of reviewing the online performance appraisal so as to make it more user friendly. The Commission has now created a new TPAD portal. Click here to get the service; http://tpad2.tsc.go.ke iv). Wealth declaration: Teachers and TSC secretariat staff are required to declare Income, Assets and Liabilities in accordance to the public Officer Ethics Act 2003. This can now be done through the TSC Website under the teachersonline link at; https://tsconline.tsc.go.ke v). Teacher Management Information System (TMIS) Effective teacher management requires use of accurate and up to date data. In response to this the Commission has developed an online data collection and analysis system- Teacher Management Information System (TMIS). Data is collected at the source which includes the school, TSC county offices, and the headquarters and is uploaded on the system. TMIS ensures there is a centralized source of data hence eases access of data. Get the service by clicking https://tsconline.tsc.go.ke Use of email to enhance communication. The Commission’s email services continue to be a key channel of communication that teachers and other clients use to make enquiries. This provides clients with a channel that enables them to reach the Commission at a click of a button. Clients can reach the Commission wherever they are, without having to travel to any of the Commission’s offices. Commission’s social media platforms The Commission’s social media platform, Facebook page (TSC KENYA) and twitter handle (http://@TSC_KE) are interactive platforms where teachers and other clients interact easily with the Commission. The Commission uses the platforms to post and share events as they happen and also bring to the attention of our clients’ urgent information meant for their attention. You are all encouraged to use the platforms to reach the Commission on any issue that you may have.

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Bulk SMS The bulk SMS platform has enabled the Commission deliver time- sensitive notifications, and other important information directly to the mobile phones of teachers and Secretariat Staff. TSC is now able to send out invitations to teachers for interviews, discipline hearings and cordial messages such as Christmas, Idd Ul Fitr, Easter, New Year’s. It has also been integrated with other systems to give instant feedback such a successful completion of a job application, registration amongst others. The Bulk SMS presents a more cost effective way of communicating to employees as opposed telephone calls or sending letters. Human Resource Management Information System (HRMIS) This was developed to enable the Commission manage its human resource. Secretariat Staff now apply for leave, undertake performance appraisal and access medical scheme administration services such as updating their profiles, adding beneficiaries and give feedback about services in hospitals. They also can initiate card replacement and check referral hospitals in the various towns and regions. The use of technology-based service channels, have improved service delivery greatly by reducing the human interface and providing timely response, accessibility and efficiency. Teachers no longer need to leave their stations to access services. They are able to access them even through their personal phones. I wish to assure you the Commission is committed to automating its services to provide real time services to the teachers and the public.

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